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Recent Council Publications

The Texas Workforce System Strategic Plan FY 2016–FY 2023

Approved by Governor Abbott, the strategic plan for the Texas workforce system was developed by the Texas Workforce Investment Council and its system partners over a 12-month period from September 2014 to September 2015. Texas Government Code, Section 2308.104, charges the Council with developing a single strategic plan for the state’s workforce system. The plan is intended to guide system partners in implementing workforce programs, services, and initiatives designed to achieve the strategies, system objectives, and goals that are outlined in the plan. Summary of Strategic Plan  Infographic

Evaluation 2017

This report is the second annual evaluation report for The Texas Workforce System Strategic Plan FY 2016–FY 2023. The focal point is a balanced scorecard that presents outcome and 14-year trend data for system performance. Through the delivery of multiple workforce education and training programs, state and local system partners served over 4.5 million individuals in the last reporting year. Of those participating in workforce system programs and services, over 525,000 individuals completed a degree, certificate, or other measure of educational achievement. Over 1.5 million Texans who participated in a workforce program found a job, stayed in a job, and/or enrolled in further education or training. (December 2017) Summary of Evaluation 2017  Evaluation Report Archive 

Work-Based Learning in Career and Technical Education Programs in Texas

This report provides a foundation for understanding work-based learning in secondary and postsecondary education in Texas. Programs from the secondary and postsecondary sectors are profiled and presented as best practices to illustrate potential options for and benefits of work-based learning. Lessons learned from these practices may provide valuable information, not only for educational institutions, but also for other workforce system programs. (December 2017)  

Mature Workers in Texas: A Demographic Study

Mature WorkersThis report provides information about mature labor force participants in Texas, specifically those 55 years and older. The research can be utilized as a primer to understand the significant issues related to mature labor force participants and as a reference for data about this specific segment of the population. (June 2017) Summary of Mature Workers Study

The Gig Economy in the U.S.

This report provides an overview of the U.S. gig economy. As part of the Council’s continuing research on workforce-related issues, the gig economy has been identified as a growing segment of the workforce. The report defines and classifies gig workers, examines the types of activities these workers participate in, and addresses the potential implications that this segment may have on the workforce system. (March 2017)

Recent Council Actions

  • December 2017 – The Council took action to approve Evaluation 2017: Accomplishments and Outcomes of the Texas Workforce System. The Council is required by Texas Government Code, Section 2308.104, to prepare an annual report on the work of the Council and its system partners to implement the workforce system strategic plan. The 2017 report is the second evaluation report under the strategic plan for fiscal years 2016–2023.
  • September 2017 – The Council took action to approve its work plan for fiscal year 2018. The work plan organizes the activities of the Council and its staff for the 12-month period from September 1 through August 31. It is based on the duties and responsibilities assigned to the Council by Title I of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and Chapter 2308 of Texas Government Code.
  • June 2017 – The Council took action on two items. The Council endorsed modifications to the Texas Combined State Plan under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), and plans for 28 local workforce development boards for fiscal years 2017–2020, as required by WIOA and other applicable statutes. Both the state plan and board plans were recommended to the Governor for his approval.
  • March 2017 – The Council took action on two items. The first action, as required by Texas Government Code, Section 2308.101(12), was to approve the fiscal year 2018 funding formula recommendations for apprenticeship programs funded under Chapter 133 of the Texas Education Code. The second action approved an update to the Council’s bylaws.