Preventing Human Trafficking

Human Sex Trafficking Concerns

In 2016, a University of Texas report estimated that over 300,000 Texans are currently being trafficked, including 79,000 youth victims of sex trafficking. For the upcoming year, the Commission is focused on assisting the state of Texas in the fight against trafficking.

What You Can Do

The Commission has outlined a phased approach to address this issue.

1. Raise Awareness

  • The Attorney General of Texas’ Office has developed a training video called “Be The One” to educate audiences. It includes:
    • Actual cases prosecuted in the state of Texas
    • Tools traffickers typically use
    • How to identify red flags
    • Reporting protocol and tips
  • Watch the video and share it with others

2. Become a Mentor

Next Steps

The Commission is currently conducting research and developing plans to combat the issue of human trafficking by partnering with Texas anti-trafficking organizations and existing healthy relationship and/or human trafficking campaigns. With this information, the Commission plans to assist the state with addressing the problem.

Resources and Research