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Publicaciones recientes del Consejo

El Plan Estratégico del Sistema de Fuerza Laboral de Texas, año fiscal 2016-año fiscal 2023 (2020 Update)

Strategic plan coverAprobado por el Gobernador Abbott, el plan estratégico para el sistema de fuerza laboral de Texas fue desarrollado por el Consejo de Inversión de Fuerza Laboral de Texas y sus socios del sistema durante un período de 12 meses desde septiembre de 2014 hasta septiembre de 2015. El Código de Gobierno de Texas, Sección 2308.104, impone al Consejo el desarrollo de un plan estratégico único para el sistema de fuerza laboral del estado. El objetivo del plan es guiar a los socios del sistema en la implementación de programas, servicios e iniciativas de fuerza laboral diseñados para lograr las estrategias, los objetivos del sistema y las metas que se describen en el plan. In mid-2019, at the four-year mark, the Council once again engaged its system partners to update the plan. Resumen del Plan Estratégico  Infografía

Mature Workers in Texas: A Demographic Study

Mature Workers report coverThis report provides information about mature labor force participants in Texas, specifically those 55 years and older. The research can be utilized as a primer to understand the significant issues related to mature labor force participants and as a reference for data about this specific segment of the population. (June 2021) Summary of Mature Workers Study

Texas Allied Health Labor Force Analysis

Texas Allied Health report coverThis report provides demographic and occupation-related benchmarks of allied health occupations in the United States and Texas. The report includes analysis of population trends, demographic characteristics, and labor market and education data for the allied health labor force. (June 2021) 
Summary of Texas Allied Health Analysis

COVID-19 Labor Market Update

COVID-19 Labor Market Update report coverThis research report examines COVID-19’s effect on the Texas workforce. The report lays out a series of data sets by which the pandemic’s impact on Texas jobs can be viewed. The statistics are compiled from three labor market resources and are used to calculate unemployment levels, industry employment, and job posting patterns by Texas region. The data sets in this report also demonstrate the Texas labor market’s initial reaction to the pandemic, both statewide and at the local level. (April 2021) 

Veterans in Texas: A Demographic Study

Veterans in Texas report coverEste estudio proporciona una descripción demográfica de los veteranos tanto en los Estados Unidos como en Texas. Se presenta primero una descripción demográfica de la población de veteranos de EUA para proporcionar un contexto para el análisis de los veteranos de Texas. La población de veteranos de Texas se detalla con un enfoque en las características de los participantes veteranos de la fuerza de trabajo. La población de veteranos es un recurso valioso para los empleadores de Texas y la economía de Texas. (March 2021) Summary of Veterans in Texas

Evaluation 2020

Evaluation 2020 report coverThis report is the fifth annual evaluation report for The Texas Workforce System Strategic Plan FY 2016–FY 2023. The focal point is a balanced scorecard that presents outcome and trend data for system performance. Through the delivery of multiple workforce education and training programs, state and local system partners served nearly 4.5 million individuals in the last reporting year. Of those participating in workforce system programs and services, more than 600,000 individuals completed a degree, certificate, or other measure of educational achievement. More than 1.2 million Texans who participated in a workforce program found a job, stayed in a job, and/or enrolled in further education or training. (December 2020) Summary of Evaluation 2020

Apprenticeship Brochures

Registered Apprenticeship for Students in Texas brochure coverThe Texas Workforce Investment Council, through its Apprenticeship and Training Advisory Committee, produces an apprenticeship brochure for students (left), employers, and local education agencies to increase awareness of registered apprenticeship in Texas. The brochures identify specific highlights and outcomes of registered apprenticeship training programs and reiterate that registered apprenticeship programs are critical in building a labor force of highly skilled workers for Texas. (December 2020)

Acciones Recientes del Consejo

  • September 2021 – The Council took two actions. The first action was to recognize five skill standards for information technology occupations for inclusion in the Texas skill standards system as required by Texas Government Code, Section 2308.109. The second action was to approve the Council work plan for fiscal year 2022. The work plan organizes the activities of the Council and its staff for the 12-month period from September 1 through August 31 and is based on the responsibilities assigned to the Council by Title I of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and Chapter 2308 of Texas Government Code. Additionally, the Council received a briefing from State Demographer, Dr. Lloyd Potter, on the changing state of Texas. Changing State of Texas Presentation   Council Meeting Minutes

  • June 2021 – As required by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and Texas Government Code, the Council considered the 28 local workforce development board plans for program years 2021-2024. The board plans must demonstrate alignment with the WIOA state plan, as well as the goals and objectives of The Texas Workforce System Strategic Plan FY 2016-FY 2023. The Council endorsed and recommended the plans to the Governor for his approval. 

  • March 2021 – The Council took two actions. The first action, required by Texas Government Code, Section 2308.101(12), was to approve the fiscal year 2022 funding formula recommendations for apprenticeship programs funded under Chapter 133 of the Texas Education Code and to forward the recommendations to the Texas Workforce Commission for implementation. The second action was to approve the 2020 “Industry 4.0” skill standards for manufacturing production developed and endorsed by the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council. 

    The Apprenticeship and Training Advisory Committee (ATAC) took action to approve the fiscal year 2022 funding formula recommendations for apprenticeship programs funded under Chapter 133 of the Texas Education Code and to forward the recommendations to the Texas Workforce Investment Council for consideration. 

  • December 2020 – The Council took action to approve Evaluation 2020: Accomplishments and Outcomes of the Texas Workforce System. The Council is required by Texas Government Code, Section 2308.104, to prepare an annual report on the implementation of the workforce system strategic plan, including an analysis of system performance based on the formal and less formal performance measures approved by the Governor. The 2020 report is the fifth evaluation report under the eight-year strategic plan for fiscal years 2016–2023.