The Texas Workforce Investment Council, through its Apprenticeship and Training Advisory Committee, produces an apprenticeship brochure for students, employers, and local education agencies to increase awareness of registered apprenticeship in Texas. The brochures identify specific highlights and outcomes of registered apprenticeship training programs and reiterate that registered apprenticeship programs are critical in building a labor force of highly skilled workers for Texas. (February 2024)

Registered Apprenticeship for Students in Texas  
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Registered Apprenticeship for Employers in Texas  
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Registered Apprenticeship for Local Education Agencies in Texas  
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Other Council publications related to apprenticeship include:

A Guide to Apprenticeship in Texas
This report provides an overview of registered apprenticeship in the state and explains how apprenticeship programs can be used to close the skills gap in Texas. The alignment of middle-skill STEM occupations with apprenticeable occupations demonstrates that apprenticeship is a strong workforce strategy to meet the middle-skill need in the Texas labor market. (June 2018)

Registered Apprenticeship as a Strategy to Meet Employer Demand for Skilled Workers
This final report from the Council’s apprenticeship project leadership team summarizes pilot apprenticeship projects conducted under the workforce system strategic plan, Advancing Texas. The purpose of the projects is to design, deploy, and implement pilot programs that demonstrate the flexibility of the earn-while-you-learn model of traditional apprenticeship programs. (December 2013)