Criminal Justice

To be safer in our communities we must focus on a spectrum of solutions throughout the criminal justice system. It does not stop at prevention, or even arrest. We must support projects that effectively prosecute crimes, offer legitimate alternatives to common court practices, and reduce recidivism so that our communities are safer for the longer haul.

Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention

Research tells us of the risk factors that may lead our children to become tomorrow’s criminals or tomorrow’s victims. Every child who can be helped brings not only a chance of a life restored but also fewer crimes. CJD is committed to breaking the cycle and helping kids to stay on or get on the right course in life. We invest in solutions from early prevention to interventions with young people already involved in the justice system.

Juveniles in Jails & Lockups

The federal Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (JJDP) Act of 2002 requires states to monitor facilities capable of detaining youth to ensure compliance with federal laws related to the handling of youth in custody. As part of this requirement, CJD is responsible for collecting the required Juvenile Jail Logs from all sheriff and police departments in Texas.

Texas Crime Stoppers

These organizations are community-based partnerships formed by dedicated citizens, law enforcement and the media. They work together toward a common goal: the reduction of crime and the arrest and conviction of criminals and fugitives statewide. Local Crime Stoppers organizations serve as vehicles for citizens to relay criminal information to law enforcement agencies while remaining anonymous. Learn more about Texas Crime Stoppers.

Victims Services

CJD seeks to help victims of crime by providing resources needed to support healing and restoration. CJD promotes coordinated local service systems that involve multiple disciplines and support seamless delivery. We seek to create a state in which service providers and communities recognize the power of prevention, education, and individual empowerment, while simultaneously fostering an environment of intolerance for violent acts of crime.