Driver’s Licenses and Personal IDs

Driver's Licenses and Personal Identification Cards

Texas Law

  • Provides that the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) issue personal identification cards in addition to driver's licenses.
  • Allows applicants to place information about health conditions that may impede communication with a peace officer on driver’s licenses.
  • Provides that no individual, corporation, or association may deny access to goods, services, or facilities to individuals who have personal identification cards instead of driver's licenses.
  • Provides that DPS may refuse to issue a license to a person whose disability prevents him or her from exercising reasonable or ordinary control over a motor vehicle. However, a person may not be denied a license based on disability if common experience shows that his or her disability does not incapacitate a person from safely operating a motor vehicle.
  • Exempts individuals from the safety belt requirement who have a written statement from a licensed physician stating that for a medical reason the person should not wear a safety belt.
  • Exempts certain veterans with disabilities from fees for obtaining a driver's license or personal ID.
  • Issuance of specialty license plates for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • The Texas Transportation Code authorizes a person to make a voluntary contribution to the Special Olympics Texas fund when registering a motor vehicle or renewing a motor vehicle registration.
  • The Texas Transportation Code prohibits a driver's license application from including an inquiry regarding the applicant's mental health other than a general inquiry as to whether the applicant has a mental condition that may affect the applicant's ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

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