First Lady Blog

Jul 30

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

On this World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, we pause to thank all in our communities who work so tirelessly to support survivors of human traffi

Jun 16

Community Based Care Expands in Region 2

Texas is committed to securing our most at-risk children a life worthy of their promise. Last week, the Texas Department of Family and Protectiv

Jun 5

Hurricane Preparedness

As hurricane season approaches, it is vital that Texans take the time to prepare for any devastating and powerful storms that may reach our shores.&nb

May 4

National Travel & Tourism Week

It is such a privilege as First Lady to travel across our great state and see the beauty of Texas and its amazing culture.  During National Trav

Apr 22

Blue Sunday

Now more than ever, community matters. As Texans come together in response to COVID-19, we must look out for the most vulnerable among us. On April

Mar 27

Let’s Support One Another

During this challenging time, Texans are proving that they never hesitate when there’s an opportunity to help a neighbor in need. Many of us are

Mar 5

Amplify Austin is March 5-6

Amplify Austin is here! Every year, I love to participate in this two-day event where a simple act makes a big impact across the city. By giving onli

Nov 22

Recognizing National Adoption Month

Two-year-old Sofia was among the first of many children adopted Friday, November 1st, the first day of National Adoption Month. Sofia was welcomed int