Child Sex Trafficking Team

Sadly, children are sexually exploited in Texas every day. They are forced to engage in sexual activity, often for the financial gain of their abuser.

The Child Sex Trafficking Team (CSTT) in the Office of the Governor is fighting to end this crime and to help its young victims.

Our mission is to:


Texas' Child Sex Trafficking Team has implemented a number of statewide initiatives to help bring an end to the horrendous practice of child sexual exploitation, but we still have much work to do.

Governor Greg Abbott


Possible Signs of Child Sexual Exploitation

  • Changes in school attendance, habits, friend groups, vocabulary, demeanor, and attitude
  • Sudden appearance of expensive items (e.g. manicures, designer clothes, purses, technology)
  • Tattoos or branding
  • Refillable gift cards
  • Frequent runaway episodes
  • Multiple phones or social media accounts
  • Provocative pictures posted online or stored on the phone
  • Unexplained injuries
  • Isolation from family, friends, and community
  • Older boyfriends, girlfriends