Child Sex Trafficking Team

In his Bicentennial Blueprint, Governor Greg Abbott called for a statewide effort to help victims of child sex trafficking. The 84th Legislature responded by passing HB 10 and HB 1446, Texas Government Code §§ 772.0062 – 772.0063, which established the Governor’s Child Sex Trafficking Team (CSTT) within the Criminal Justice Division.

CSTT’s vision is a state where children are free from sexual exploitation.  Our mission is to help prevent victimization, identify and recover survivors, provide coordinated services to help them heal and thrive, and bring them justice.

According to the University of Texas, there are an estimated 79,000 child and youth victims of sex trafficking in the State of Texas.  The urgency of the needs of these victims coupled with the size and diversity of our state necessitate concurrent, synergetic approaches.  Therefore, we work statewide to improve system responses, regionally to develop regional continua of care, and locally to implement the coordination of care for survivors.