Texas Governor’s Mansion Memento Collection

Started by First Lady Jean Houston Daniel in the l960s, the Governor's Memento Collection is made up of items donated to the Texas Governor's Mansion on behalf of every First Family that lived in the house.

Pease Administration: 1853-1857, 1867-1869. Edition of Shakespeare given to Lucadia Pease by Governor Pease on their first Christmas at the Mansion in 1856. Also, a Four-poster bed with coverlets that were hand quilted with tone-on-tone designs reminiscent of the State of Texas. (SOT-S02260)

Runnels Administration: 1857-1859. Colt pistol used by Governor Runnels. (SOT-S02261)

Houston Administration: 1859-1861. Silver baby cup used by the children of General Sam Houston. Silver and crystal dresser set belonged to Mrs. Houston. (SOT-S02262, S02263, S02264)

Lubbock Administration: 1861-1863. Silver baby cup, belonging to Governor Francis Lubbock, engraved F.R.L.

Clark Administration: 1861. Sterling silver punch ladle with Mrs. Clark's initials and a sand shaker used by the governor on his desk. (SOT-S002265, S002266)

Murrah Administration: 1863-1865. Framed ten dollar treasury note in payment to Governor Pendleton Murrah for military service. (SOT-S02268)

Interim Administration: 1865. Copy of a speech delivered by Governor Fletcher S. Stockdale. (SOT-S02268, S02269)

Hamilton Administration: 1865-1866. Coin silver spoon, belonged to Governor Andrew Hamilton and a pair of silver napkin rings in a presentation box. (SOT-S02271, S09282)

Throckmorton Administration: 1866-1867. Two English silver teaspoons from the Throckmorton flatware. (SOT-S002272, S02276)

Davis Administration: 1870-1874. Union battle sword and scabbard used by Governor Edmund J. Davis. (SOT-S02274)

Coke Administration: 1874-1876. Portrait painted in the Large Parlor of Governor Coke ten years after his administration.

Hubbard Administration: 1876-1879. Silver fish slice of oriental design presented to Governor Richard B. Hubbard by the Government of Japan. (SOT-S02277)

Roberts Administration: 1879-1883. Cut glass vinegar cruet used by the Roberts. (SOT-S02278)

Ireland Administration: 1883-1887. Small coin silver spoon used by Governor and Mrs. John Ireland in the Mansion. (SOT-S02277, S02278, S02279)

Ross Administration: 1887-1891. A cloverleaf Haviland platter, part of china setting used during the Ross Administration. (SOT-S02280)

Hogg Administration: 1891-1895. Gospel Hymns, the family hymnal used by the Hoggs while in the Mansion. (SOT-S02163)

Culberson Administration: 1895-1899. A pair of cut marcasite and silver shoe buckles used by Mrs. Charles A. Culberson. (SOT-S00263, S02281)

Sayers Administration: 1899-1903. Three leather-bound, inscribed books of poems; Aurora Leigh & Other Poems, by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, a gift from Governor Sayers to Mrs. Sayers; a second copy of Aurora Leigh & Other Poems; and a copy of Ossian's Poems. A three piece Haviland china dessert set hand-painted by Mrs. Joseph Sayers. (SOT-S02165, S02166, S02282, S09287)

Lanham Administration: 1903-1907. Silver syrup pitcher, part of flat silver set used by the Lanhams while in the Mansion and a leather-bound inaugural program from Governor S.W.T. Lanham's Inauguration, dated January 20, 1903. (S0T-S02158)

Campbell Administration: 1907-1911. Silver tray inscribed to Mrs. Campbell from the ladies of Austin in 1911. (SOT-S02158, S02284, S09281)

Colquitt Administration: 1911-1915. Five silver demitasse spoons from Colquitt flatware dated 1912 and a six-piece place setting of hand-cut crystal in the Cosmos pattern. (SOT-S02285, S02294)

James E. & Miriam Ferguson Administrations: 1915-1917; 1925-1927, 1933-1935. Engraved old English reproduction silver tray with grape borders. (SOT-S02288)

Hobby Administration: 1917-1921. Footed, sterling silver Tiffany flower bowl purchased in New York by Mrs. Hobby and presented to the Mansion by W. P. Hobby in 1932. Engraved to read: "In memory of my beloved wife, Willie Cooper Hobby, whose presence graced the Governor's Mansion 1917 to 1921. W. P. Hobby." (SOT-S02160)

Neff Administration: 1921-1925. Silver nut dish used by Governor and Mrs. Pat Neff, a pair of early Reed and Barton Silver goblets used during the Neff administration and a set of silver bread and butter plates from the Neff Estate. (SOT-S02286, S09141)

Moody Administration: 1927-1931. Three- piece (plate, cup, bowl) child's silver set with animal designs. Gift to Dan Moody, Jr., who was born during the Moody residence in the Mansion in 1929. From the Ladies of the Forty-first Legislature. (SOT-S09477)

Sterling Administration: 1931-1933. An engraved silver tray presented to Mrs. Ross Sterling by "The Women of Austin," Christmas 1932. (SOT-S02157)

Allred Administration: 1935-1939. A round sterling silver tray which was a gift from Sanborns in Mexico to Governor and Mrs. Allred. (SOT-S02159)

O'Daniel Administration: 1939-1941. Silver bracelet worn by Molly O'Daniel and now mounted in a silver frame.

Stevenson Administration: 1941-1947. Silver cream and sugar set used by the Coke Stevensons in the Mansion. (SOT-S02293)

Jester Administration: 1947-1949. Heavy English silver spoon warmer in conch shell shape.

Shivers Administration: 1949-1957. A set of English, antique Silver Fish Servers, a fork and a knife purchased during the Shivers administration.

Daniel Administration: 1957-1963. English silver dish presented to Governor and Mrs. Daniel in 1962. Also, a large silver tray presented to Governor Daniel by the Governor of the State of Guerrero, Republic of Mexico in 1959. (SOT-S09286, S09283)

Connally Administration: 1963-1969. An Abner Cook spoon presented to Mrs. John Connally by his granddaughter in 1963. (SOT-S09284)

Smith Administration: 1969-1973. A wood carving of the State Bird, the mockingbird, by artist James R. Eddleman of Lubbock. (SOT-S09474)

Clements Administration: 1979- 1983; 1987-1991. A porcelain Boehm eagle. (SOT-S11089)

White Administration: 1983-1987. An English silver covered cup. (SOT-S03426)

Richards Administration: 1991-1995. Mexican silver, turquoise and amethyst necklace with matching earrings. (SOT-S0000G)

Bush Administration: American made sterling silver candlesticks. (FGM-F00740)

Perry Administration: Governor Perry’s Texas A&M Class of 1972 ring.