The Crime Stoppers Resource Center is a functional space designed to provide users with tools and information that may be helpful when operating a non-profit organization, seeking marketing, media or fundraising ideas, or considering starting a local Crime Stoppers organization.

Nonprofit Tools
A variety of resources are available in the areas of funding, operational strategies, and best practices for non-profits. The Texas Crime Stoppers team has selected a handful of useful tools and websites where practical information and resources can be found for successfully starting, funding, managing and operating your nonprofit organization.

Crime Stoppers at the State Level
The team at the Office of the Governor is here to provide oversight and technical assistance to community and campus organizations. With support from the state team in areas such as Crime Stoppers assistance funds, statistics and reporting, technical assistance, and operational guidelines our volunteers and law enforcement teams can spend their time where it matters; helping to solve, reduce, and prevent crime in their communities.

Social Media
Social media networks are the perfect platform to engage and connect with your followers and supporters, whether your local law enforcement agencies, board members, volunteer members, media, donors, or like-minded community groups. Using social media is a way to see who is out there, what they’re interested in, and how and why your mission matters to them. Let’s connect!

Crime Stoppers Legislation
Through the hard work and dedication of Crime Stoppers volunteers, the media, and Texas’ many law enforcement agencies, Texas Crime Stoppers is a proven, successful, and worthwhile crime prevention and crime solution program.

The Texas Crime Stoppers policies and guidelines are governed by both Texas Government Code; Chapter 414 and Texas Administrative Code; Crime Stoppers.

Crime Stoppers in the News
Check out Texas Crime Stoppers Organizations that have received media attention for their efforts and impact in the community or a featured crime/criminal!