Texas Skill Standards

On September 1, 2015, the Texas Skill Standards Board was abolished and its powers and duties were transferred to the Council. The Council’s role is to facilitate and promote the Texas skill standards system by serving as a liaison between industry groups and community and technical colleges in the development and usage of skill standards. Its major skill standards-related functions include:

Skill Standards Development and Recognition

  • Convene industry groups to develop new skill standards
  • Validate existing, nationally-established industry standards
  • Provide quality assurance by recognizing skill standards based on established criteria

Skill Standards Awareness and Usage

  • Promote the use of standards and credentials in curriculum development
  • Provide technical assistance to community and technical colleges to integrate skill standards in their workforce programs
  • Recognize workforce programs of Texas community and technical colleges that have integrated skill standards into the curriculum

Visit www.tssb.org for additional information.