About The Governor’s Commission for Women

Since 1967, the Governor’s Commission for Women has served the State of Texas to benefit all Texans by supporting the endeavors and wellbeing of Texan women throughout the state. The Commission currently operates with a one-person staff and modest biennial budget, so it creatively utilizes interns, volunteers, and non-profit funds to develop and execute its strategies, implementation plans, and processes to further the Commission’s goals. 


The Governor’s Commission for Women is authorized by Executive Order GA 01 and consists of no more than fifteen (15) Commissioners appointed by the Governor for a two-year term. The Commission meets quarterly and as needed to achieve its mission. The members of the Commission are well-respected community and business leaders who represent each region of the state, contribute perspectives from diverse backgrounds, and serve without salary.

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Executive Director

The Executive Director for Governor’s Commission for Women is a full-time employee hired or appointed by the governor to develop and implement activities consistent with the provisions of the Governor’s executive order. The Executive Director is responsible for leading the Commission in the development and execution of strategic and implementation plans as well as performing the administrative duties of the Commission.

The State Agency Council

To assist the Commission in fulfilling its charge, The State Agency Council was established in 1983 and continues its charge as well through Executive Order GA 01. Appointments to the Council are made by the head of each state agency. The sixty two (62) agencies appoint one member and one alternate and the Executive Director of the Governor’s Commission for Women appoints its executive board. Members of the Council meet quarterly and the executive board meets monthly to assist with implementing the Commission’s strategies and to offer professional development training to its members.

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Beacon State Fund

The Beacon State Fund is a non-profit organization established in 1996 to educate and improve Texans’ civic participation by promoting community leadership and volunteerism. The board of directors consists of no less than three (3) officers and all serve without salary. The Beacon State organization funds many of the commission’s important projects.

Governor's Office Internship Program

The Women’s Commission Internship program in the Office of the Governor offers college students and recent graduates the opportunity to develop a working knowledge of how the Texas government supports the wellbeing and prosperity of Texas women. The Women’s Commission seeks students with a strong passion for female empowerment, and who want to use their special skills to contribute to the Women’s Commission’s research, publishing and marketing efforts.

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