Child Sex Trafficking - Bring Justice

Traffickers, buyers and those who profit from exploiting children must be held accountable. Law enforcement and prosecutors need the proper training and tools to adequately prosecute these criminals.

In pursuit of this goal, it is critical to maintain a child-centered perspective and a trauma-informed response in order to ensure the survivor's needs are met and that the survivor is empowered to participate in bringing justice to his/her exploiters.

CSTT brings justice for victims by:

  • Providing funding and training to criminal justice partners;
  • Empowering victim participation in investigations and prosecutions;
  • Shifting cultural norms from blaming victims to holding exploiters accountable.
  • Combatting emerging methods of exploitation.


Programs Supported by Grants from the Office of the Governor

  • Project 180: Pilot program at Harris County District Attorney’s Office that diverts young adults arrested for prostitution from arrest to services and gathers interview and analytical information to investigate and prosecute their exploiters. Read an assessment of the program by Dr. Rebecca Pfeffer.
  • Specialized prosecution units in Harris and Dallas counties.
  • Office of the Attorney General Sexual Extortion Investigation Project: Provides resources for investigating online sexual extortion cases.
  • Collective Liberty Law Enforcement and Prosecution Trainings