Texas Workforce System

Mapping the Workforce System

The Texas workforce system is composed of a number of programs, services, and initiatives administered by eight state agencies, the Texas Association of Workforce Boards, local workforce development boards, community and technical colleges, local adult education providers, and independent school districts. By delivering programs that help Texas’ current and future workers secure competitive and sustainable employment, system partners serve a critical role in the development of a world-class workforce that enjoys a higher quality of life through economic, employment, and educational success. The Council publishes and distributes a comprehensive map to help stakeholders understand the system, programs, providers, and funding: The Texas Workforce System Program Directory provides basic information about the workforce education and training programs that form the Texas workforce system. These programs, administered by eight state agencies, prepare Texas’ current and future workers for success in the global economy. (March 2021)

Aligning the Workforce System

Strategic plan coverIn Texas Government Code, one of the primary responsibilities of the Texas Workforce Investment Council is to develop and recommend to the Governor a single strategic plan for Texas’ workforce system that identifies the tasks, timelines, and responsible partners for each long-term objective. The Council has developed five plans in collaboration with workforce system partners since the Council’s creation in 1993. The plan is developed with system partners and is focused on the critical few long-term objectives that have been identified as crucial to align the system or to reduce gaps and redundancies. Approved by Governor Abbott, The Texas Workforce System Strategic Plan FY 2016–FY 2023 (2020 Update) was created using the systems approach to workforce planning first incorporated into the previous two plans, Destination 2010 and Advancing Texas. The plan is intended to guide system partners in implementing workforce programs, services, and initiatives designed to achieve the strategies, system objectives, and goals that are outlined in the plan. (February 2020) Strategic Plan Summary  Infographic

Evaluating the Workforce System

The Council is also charged in state law with evaluating implementation of the system strategic plan and other aspects of Texas’ workforce system. Since 2004, the Council has published annual system evaluations. Included in the annual evaluation report and associated evaluation briefs are the seven elements that State statutes require that the Council evaluate:

  • Formal and less formal performance measures
  • Implementation of the system strategic plan
  • Adult education alignment activities and achievements
  • Local workforce board activities and alignment
  • Work development programs that focus on welfare to work initiatives
  • Member agency strategic plan alignment
  • Skill Standards System

Evaluation 2020 report coverEvaluation 2020 – This report is the fifth annual evaluation report for The Texas Workforce System Strategic Plan FY 2016–FY 2023. The focal point is a balanced scorecard that presents outcome and trend data for system performance. Through the delivery of multiple workforce education and training programs, state and local system partners served nearly 4.5 million individuals in the last reporting year. Of those participating in workforce system programs and services, more than 600,000 individuals completed a degree, certificate, or other measure of educational achievement. More than 1.2 million Texans who participated in a workforce program found a job, stayed in a job, and/or enrolled in further education or training. (December 2020) Summary of Evaluation 2020  Archive