OOG is an equal opportunity employer and you can view postings on the Work In Texas website. Applications are received only through Work In Texas. The OOG requires all sections of the state application to be completed. Omission of data can be the basis for disqualification. Requests for accommodation should be made to the Human Resources office as early as possible in the application/employment process. 

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NOTE:  The Office of the Governor participates in E-Verify and all new employees are required to present proof of identity and eligibility to work in the United States.  Also, all positions are subject to a background check.

Job Title Job # Closing Date Salary Range
Executive Assistant (Executive Assistant I) 2018-43 $3,081.33 mo - $3,536.24 mo
Advertising Specialist (Marketing Specialist II) 2018-42 $3,081.33 - $3,762.00/mo
Customer Service Representative II (Customer Service Representative II) 2018-41 $3,159.50 - $3,282.34 mo.
Texas Film Commission Director (Director III) 2018-40 $8,335.00 - $10,000.00/mo
Project Coordinator (Program Specialist V) 2018-39 $5,417.00/mo.
Compliance Manager (Compliance Analyst V) 2018-36 $5,258.67-$6,200.00/mo
Small Business Advocate (Program Specialist IV)  2018-35 $4,700.00-5,000.00/mo
Governor’s Advisor (Governor’s Advisor I,II,III) - 4 Positions 2018-33 *$4,023.16 - $8,624.25/mo
Program Coordinator (Program Specialist II) 2018-14 $3,967.00-$5,000.00/mo
Strategic Planner (Planner IV) 2018-12 $4,598.67-$5,833.33/mo
Lead Program Coordinator (Program Specialist III) 2018-18 $3,967.00-$5,746.66/mo
Auditor (Auditor IV) 2018-27 $4,023.17-$5,000.00/mo
Systems Administrator (Systems Administrator VI) 2018-25 $5,784.58-$6,000.00/mo
Programmer (Programmer IV) 2018-24 $4,598.67-$6,250.00/mo
Research Specialist (Research Specialist IV - 2 openings) 2018-23 $4,023.16-$6,000.00/mo
Grant Coordinator (Grant Coordinator I - 2 openings) 2018-08 $3,293.42-$3,583.00 mo
Community Outreach & Information Coordinator (Information Specialist IV) 2018-06 $4,023.16-$6,579.41/mo
Senior Financial Reporting Accountant (Accountant VI) 2018-01 $4,598.66-$6,666.67/mo