Employment Opportunities

Welcome to the Office of the Governor Employment Opportunities home page. We appreciate your interest in serving the great State of Texas. Office of the Governor employees enjoy an excellent compensation package which includes competitive benefits. Please visit the Employees Retirement System of Texas for more details.


Current Opportunities

The following positions are currently open at the Office of the Governor. Please click on the links below to view the job description and requirements for each position.

Position Job # PPPMonthly Salary Status
Grant Manager (Grant Specialist III) 2023-53 $5,000.00–5,416.67/mo Open
Research Specialist (Research Specialist V) 2023-52 $4,599.00-$6,500.00/mo Open
Economist (Economist IV) 2023-51 $4,917.00 - $6,500.00/mo Open
Project Development Coordinator (Program Specialist IV-V) 2023-49 $5,000.00-$6,000.00/mo Open
Advance Representative (Program Specialist II) 2023-48 $3,666.67-$4,166.67 mo Open
Intake Coordinator (Program Specialist II) 2023-45 $4,000.00-$4,583.34/mo Open
Research Specialist (Research Specialist III - IV) 2023-40 $4,000.00-$5,400.00/mo Open
Budget Data Analyst (Research Specialist I) 2023-34 $4,000.00-$4,333.34/mo Open
Scheduler (Program Specialist III) 2023-32 $4,166.67-$4,583.34/mo Open
Grant Manager (Grant Specialist III) 2023-31 $5,000.00 – 5,416.67/mo Open
Public Safety Office Support Specialist (Systems Support Specialist III) 2023-26 $3,750.00-$4,250.00 /mo Open
Communications Specialist (Information Specialist IV) 2023-23 $4,670.00-$5,250.00/mo Open
CAPPS Administrator (Systems Analyst IV-V) 2023-19 $5,833.34-$6,666.67/mo Open
Financial Monitoring Supervisor (Auditor V) 2023-17 $5,417.00 - $6,666.67/mo Open
Existing Industry and International Specialist (Program Specialist II - III) 2023-11 $3,950.00-$4,500.00/mo Open
Grant Manager (Grant Specialist III) 2023-09 $3,800.00-$5,416.67/mo Open
Program Coordinator (Program Specialist IV) 2023-07 $4,000.00-$5,000.00/mo Open
Governor’s Advisor (Article II) Governor’s Advisor IV 2023-06 $8333.34-$10,761.41 /mo Open
Advertising Specialist (Program Specialist II-III) 2023-03 $3,500.00-$4,417.00/mo Open
Marketing Specialist (Marketing Specialist III) 2022-133 $3,750.00-$4,567.00 /mo Open
Grant Manager (Grant Specialist III) 2022-130 $3,800.00-$5,416.67 /mo Open
Grant Manager (Grant Specialist II) 2022-108 $3,295.00-$4,583.34/mo Open
Accountant (Accountant III) 2022-107 $3,333.34-$4,750.00/mo Open
Grant Manager (Grant Specialist II) 2022-104 $3,295.00-$4,583.34/mo Open
Grant Manager (Grant Specialist II) 2022-72 $3,295.00-$4,583.34/mo Open
Grant Manager (Grant Specialist II) 2022-44 $3,295.00-$4,583.34/mo Open

Open: Accepting applications On Hold: Not accepting new applications. Pending review of received applications. Veteran Hold: Position currently only available to veterans


How to Apply

An official State of Texas Employment Application must be submitted electronically through Work in Texas when applying for a position at the Office of the Governor.  Paper applications are not accepted in person or via email.  Additionally, resumes are not accepted in lieu of a completed State of Texas Employment Application.

Submit a separate application for each position that you are qualified.

In Work in Texas, search for Office of the Governor job postings by the “Agency Job ID” listed as “Job #” on the position description – or – using the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) assigned posting ID number, listed as “TWC job number” on the position description.

Apply Online at Work in Texas



Candidates included in the interview pool will be contacted to schedule an interview.  Only those candidates selected for an interview will be notified in writing by the Human Resources Division of the selection or non-selection for the position.


Equal Employment Opportunity

The Office of the Governor is an equal employment opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, genetic information, or disability in its employment practices.  If you require any special accommodations during the employment process, please contact the Human Resources Division via telephone at 512-463-5873.


Selective Service Registration

All eligible males must provide proof of registration or exemption from the requirement.  Please visit the Selective Service System for more information.


Veterans Preference

The Office of the Governor adheres to the Texas Veterans Preference Act.  Any complaints about failure to comply with the Act should be reported to Human Resources Division at 512-463-5873.



The Office of the Governor participates in E-Verify. We will provide the Social Security Administration (SSA), and if necessary, the Department of Homeland Security, with information from each new employee's Form I-9 to confirm authorization to work in the United States.