Disability Employment Awareness Month Poster

Each October, Texas celebrates DEAM with job fairs, public awareness events, and a statewide #HireAbility campaign to promote employment opportunities for Texans with disabilities. As part of the public awareness campaign, GCPD partners with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) to distribute free DEAM posters to thousands of Texas employers and businesses to educate them on the talents and abilities of workers with disabilities, while sharing valuable employer resources through the HireAbility website.

The posters are intended to spark conversations on the employment of people with disabilities in businesses and organizations across the Lone Star State. The posters feature original work from an outstanding Texas artist, along with their picture and personal statement, and the national DEAM theme. This year's theme is "Access to Good Jobs for All". Read below for more information on how to enter!

2023 DEAM Poster

A Unique Vision by Victor Vera

Everyone has a place and can contribute to the workplace by sharing their individual talents and vision. Employers who appreciate and harness the exceptional and valuable contributions of people with disabilities reap the benefits. People with disabilities help companies thrive by bringing exceptional vision and creativity to the workplace.

A Unique Vision by Victor Vera depicts a large blue eye with a white pupil and an iris made in gradient rainbow hues. Along the top lid, the eyelashes are represented by people of all different abilities, shapes, and sizes. A Unique Vision represents the way some people with disabilities see the world, demonstrating how their 'unique vision' can be invaluable and enhance the workplace. Victor says "The world is a more colorful place with people of all abilities in it."

Victor Vera is an artist with autism. In high school, Victor's teachers encouraged him to take courses which led to earning a certificate of Visual Communications at a community college. He is employed as a marketing assistant at Hugs Café in McKinney and in the hospitality industry with Marriott Hotels in Allen.

Today, Victor creates and sells commissioned artwork of pets, houses, and contemporary pieces. His work has been featured in the Plano Art Association Member Exhibition several years in a row. He says he has been fortunate to find employers who support employees with disabilities and who have helped him develop and grow in the workplace.

If you would like a poster, please contact us and provide a U.S.P.S. mailing address. Posters are available free of charge while supplies last.

How to Apply

Original 2D art (including but not limited to paintings or drawings), and 3D art (including but not limited to sculpture or pottery) in all media are eligible.  The Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities will have the final authority as to what constitutes an acceptable entry. GCPD is committed to providing opportunities to as many Texas artists as possible; as such, a previous NDEAM Poster Art winner will not be eligible for competition until five years have passed since their last win. Simply download the entry form for more information on eligibility and how to apply!

Now accepting submissions for 2024! Deadline is June 30, 2024.

As part of our state’s recognition of Texas Disability Employment Awareness Month, the GCPD promotes the Texas HireAbility Campaign. Texas HireAbility is a partnership between the Texas Workforce Commission, the Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities and the statewide Workforce Solutions network. HireAbility hopes to raise awareness about the benefits of hiring people with disabilities and highlight the contributions of people with disabilities in the workforce. Each poster includes the twitter hashtag (#TXHireAbility). Resources to promote disability employment awareness activities can be found at www.twc.texas.gov/texashireability.

What Can YOU Do to Advance the Employment of People with Disabilities?

In support of the What Can YOU Do? outreach effort, the Campaign for Disability Employment is pleased to present the following video tools. Help us spread the word about the value and talent that people with disabilities bring to the workplace by sharing these videos and playing the Campaign for Disability Employment’s “I Can” public service announcement (PSA).