Building the Texas of Tomorrow

Since brave pioneers first settled the untamed Wild West, Texas has offered the freedom and opportunities that can be found nowhere else. Governor Greg Abbott’s vision for an even stronger Texas of tomorrow is focused on creating more jobs and economic opportunity, educating the leaders of the next generation, protecting individual liberties, restoring parental rights in education, and securing the southern border in the face of federal inaction.


Brighter Texas

Texas schools play an essential role in shaping the success of our state, educating our future entrepreneurs, scientists, and leaders. Under Governor Abbott’s leadership, Texas is a national leader in education.

Safer Texas

Governor Abbott has worked tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of every Texan is upheld. Texas has always been a law-and-order state, and we must keep it that way.

Freer Texas

For nearly 200 years, Texas has stood for freedom, personal liberty, and self-reliance. We must ensure Texas remains the freedom capital of America.

More Prosperous Texas

The Texas economy is booming thanks to Governor Abbott’s conservative, business-friendly agenda. Generations of Texans have been driven by freedom, opportunity, and innovation, and the Governor is working to ensure future Texans are given the opportunity to carry our state to new heights.