We are working to make Texas freer, stronger, safer and smarter. In the 2017 legislative session, we forged an even broader path to prosperity for more Texas families by building on four pillars: safety and security, education, economic advancement, and the preservation of liberty.

Texas is the Lone Star State for a reason: We stand apart as a model for the nation and the world.

Governor Greg Abbott

Economic Advancement

Every Texan should have greater opportunity for economic advancement. With our low costs of living and high quality of life, Texas remains the best place to raise a family and build a business.

  • Enterprise Fund
  • Franchise Tax Reduction
  • Property Tax Reduction
  • Hail Litigation Reduction
  • Budget

Elevating Education

Education is essential to preserve liberty. We must continue to invest in early education and higher education, and expand school choice in Texas. Our goal is to give teachers the tools and resources they need to help our children succeed.

  • High-Quality PreK
  • Governor’s University Research Initiative
  • School Finance
  • School Choice

Preserving Liberty

The destiny of this state and our nation is entrusted to “We the People.” To keep Texas the bastion of liberty in America, we will shore up cracks in our democratic process.

  • Ethics Reform
  • Union Dues Collection
  • Convention of States

Safety & Security

We are reforming the state's child protective system. We’re adding more workers with better training, smarter strategies and real accountability to safeguard our children. We will also remain vigilant in protecting parental rights.

  • CPS Reforms
  • Safeguarding Students
  • LIFE Initiative
  • Sanctuary Cities Ban
  • Border Security
  • Police Protection Act