Texas shines as a beacon of hope, prosperity, and freedom—even as the nation and the world continue to battle the global pandemic.

As the ninth-largest economy in the world, the Lone Star State is an economic and innovation powerhouse that offers unmatched opportunities for families and businesses. Texas continues to lead as a top state for job creation and for attracting job-creating capital investments—thanks to our unwavering commitment to economic freedom and our young, educated, and diverse workforce.

To broaden the path to prosperity for more Texas families, we must work together to build a healthier, safer, freer, and more prosperous future for all Texans.

Among our top priorities this Legislative Session, we must ensure Texans have access to high-quality healthcare, improve public safety, protect personal liberty, get Texans back to work, and further unleash the state’s robust, resilient economy.

Over the coming months, working closely with the Lt. Governor, the Speaker, and members of the Texas Legislature, we will address these priorities—and more.

A better, stronger Texas together.

— Governor Greg Abbott

Healthier Texas

As Texas continues to battle COVID-19, we must advance strategies that protect Texans from the virus and develop long-term solutions to provide Texans better access to healthcare. We must use this Legislative Session to ensure a healthier Texas by:

  • Expanding COVID-19 vaccinations across the state until every Texan who wants one will be able to get one.
  • Permanently expanding telemedicine so that every Texan in every region of the state can benefit.
  • Ensuring that Texans with pre-existing conditions have access to healthcare coverage without being forced into the Affordable Care Act.
  • Building on past accomplishments to expand mental health support to Texans.

Safer Texas

Texas has always been a law-and-order state, and we must keep it that way. This Legislative Session, Texas will ensure that our law enforcement officers have the support and resources they need to keep Texans safe. We will do this by:

  • Preventing cities from defunding the police.
  • Providing law enforcement with the tools and training they need to ensure the safety that their communities deserve.
  • Reforming a flawed bail system to keep dangerous criminals off our streets.
  • Fortifying our efforts to secure our border and expanding efforts to crack down on human trafficking and drug smuggling.

Freer Texas

Whether you’re a newcomer to our state or your family has been here for generations, we all unite around the ideals of freedom and personal liberty. This Legislative Session, we have a duty to keep Texas the freedom capital of America. We will accomplish this by:

  • Preventing any government entity from shutting down religious activities in Texas.
  • Building a complete barrier against any government office from treading on Second Amendment rights.
  • Passing laws to protect election integrity.
  • Ensuring that the life of every child will be spared from the ravages of abortion and preventing any unborn child from being targeted for abortion on the basis of race, sex, or disability.

More Prosperous Texas

Texas is a land of unmatched economic opportunity, and we must continue to foster an environment that encourages new investments, entrepreneurship, and job creation. This Legislative Session, Texas will unleash our economic might, expand opportunity, and create a brighter future for generations of Texans to come by:

  • Balancing the budget without raising taxes.
  • Establishing civil liability protections for individuals, businesses, and healthcare providers that operated safely during the pandemic.
  • Expanding broadband access throughout the state.
  • Providing regulatory relief.
  • Protecting Texas jobs for Texas families and enhancing workforce development.