Certification & Funding

Local Funding

Crime Stoppers is an organization built by members of the local community which it is used to protect.  Support of the community is what drives the success of a crime stoppers organization.  An established Crime Stoppers program has sufficient manpower and financing.  In order to effectively manage an organization, a marketing and advertising strategy must be in place.  Spreading the word and encouraging donations helps to sustain growth and progression of the organization.  All money received should be used for operating costs and paying rewards.  Involving the community and hosting frequent fundraisers are valuable practices for a strong Crime Stoppers organizations. 

Court Funding

There are additional funding sources for Crime Stoppers programs who are short on cash.  The Texas legislature authorizes judges to order payments to Crime Stoppers reward funds from probationers as a condition of their probation.  These funds are strictly to be used for paying rewards.  The organization can, with approval from the board of directors, transfer 20% of total funds received from the courts to the organization’s primary account to be used for operating expenses.  In order to receive funding from courts the organization must obtain certification status from the state Texas Crime Stoppers Council.  (See ----- for certification instructions)

Grant Funding

The Texas Crime Stoppers offers grant funding opportunities for certified crime stoppers organizations.  Annually, a funding announcement is dispersed in December from the Office of the Governor Criminal Justice Division (CJD).  This announcement lists all of the many funding opportunities offered by CJD which includes the “Crime Stoppers Assistance Fund.”  These grant funds can be used for a travel/training costs and various operating expenses.  All applications are due by the end of February and grant reviews are completed over the next several months.  While not every applicant will receive a grant, it is still a good source of funding assistance for programs who need it most.  (See current funding opportunities)