Our Strategies, Current Priorities, and Initiatives

Guiding Principles

Governor Abbott believes women who invest in themselves and inspire change in others represent the greatest potential for job growth in Texas, and he is committed to making Texas the most welcoming home for them.

Our Purpose

The Governor’s Commission for Women promotes opportunities and supports the successes of Texas women.

Our Mission

The Commission is committed to empowering Texas women and helping women find solutions to emerging issues.

Our Vision

We shape the future of women in Texas by providing opportunities for development, fostering valuable connections, and facilitating success through outreach, education, research, and referral services.

Program Priorities

For the 2018 – 2019 year, Governor Abbott has charged the Commission with developing strategies and implementation plans to address three key areas including:

  • Advancing economic opportunities for Texan women and making Texas the #1 state for woman-owned businesses (progressing from its current ranking of #2)
  • Helping with the prevention of human trafficking within the state
  • Assisting with disaster-relief efforts in the aftermath of hurricanes, specifically the rebuilding efforts surrounding Hurricane Harvey-affected areas

Removing Barriers and Developing Solutions

The Commission started its strategy development by researching the three topics, and collecting information on programs and initiatives of state and federal agencies/organizations surrounding the three priorities of 2018-2019.  Updates will be made as implementation plans are finalized and executed. The Commission then engages in partnerships and makes informed recommendations to the Governor regarding these issues in an annual report.

The reality is that women face certain barriers in everyday life that can hinder their economic and societal prosperity. The Women’s Commission exists to promote female advancement within Texas society, in hopes that these barriers will eventually be eliminated.


The Commission serves to advance the goals and initiatives of the Office of the Governor and the Office of the First Lady and will continue to provide support in the following areas:

  • Networking and Offering Referral Services for Women-Led Businesses
  • Promoting STEAM and Engaging Girls
  • Contributing to panel discussions on the women and children’s health
  •  Promoting Texas Women Veterans’ Resources