Student Ambassadors

The Crime Stoppers Ambassador Program is a student based leadership program for Texas youth involved in their Crime Stoppers community across the state.

The Ambassador Program consists of 12 students who are carefully chosen and tasked with setting leadership standards of excellence among their peer groups, acting as role models on their campuses and in their communities, and are also required to complete a series of projects over the course of a calendar year.

Mission Statement

To encourage positive relationships between Campus Crime Stoppers and our communities and inspire lasting changes within individuals through our leadership and unity.


Students involved in the Ambassador Program will cultivate and strengthen transferable skills, gain leadership experience, and push their boundaries to achieve personal growth throughout their Ambassadorship.


Students can apply, interview, and are selected to join the program each year at our Texas Crime Stoppers Campus Conference. Interviews are conducted and selections are determined by the Ambassador Program Coordinator & Liaison.

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Students participating in the Texas Crime Stoppers Ambassador Program must have a sponsor’s support and approval. The Sponsor is responsible for their student Ambassador(s) and must agree to the terms outlined in the application. Sponsors will need to provide their contact information and sign off on the application to verify the information provided by the student is correct.

Sponsors will also be tasked with ensuring that their Ambassador is on track with the projects required of them over the course of 12 months.

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Community Engagement Project

Ambassador Requirements

  • 8 hours of community service

2019 Conference Presentation

  • 5 minutes
  • 5 slides (one per question below)
  • Questions to be addressed:
    1. Why did you pick this location to volunteer your time?
    2. What did you observe? About your community, the facility, the experience, the impact of the placement on the community, etc.
    3. What were the highlights and drawbacks of your experience?
    4. What was the most important lesson you learned during your experience?
    5. What did you learn about yourself through engaging with your community?

Crime Stoppers Information Sessions

Ambassador Requirements

  • 2 information sessions/year

2018/2019 School Year

  • On- Campus, Youth Group, PTA meeting, ISD public hearing/meeting, school assembly

Suggested Information to Include

  • History of Crime Stoppers; provide some background information
  • What impact Campus Crime Stoppers has on a school campus; statistics
  • What are some benefits of being a student crime stopper?
  • How to start a program

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Crime Stoppers Monthly Newsletter Article

Ambassador Requirements

  • 1 article/student (12 Ambassadors = 12 months)

Target Audience = Texas Crime Stoppers Community; 2000+ volunteers and law enforcement officers

Topic Suggestions

  • Campus Program success stories, Interview your SRO, Community Engagement updates, Editorials (opinion piece) on leadership, mentoring, student motivation, inspirational. Or something of your own!

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Ambassador News Letter Submissions