The Council is required by statute to include in the state workforce system strategic plan long-range strategies developed by the Council and its partner agencies to facilitate the efficient and integrated delivery of workforce programs and services (Texas Government Code, Section 2308.104). A number of populations in Texas warrant additional focus and planning efforts to ensure that they have access to relevant and effective workforce programs and services.

Demography is the quantitative study of a population, with reference to size, structure, distribution and other vital statistics.

On the demographic links for specific population segments that follow this overview page, there is a wealth of data and information. On each page there is a map showing the count of the population under scrutiny by local workforce area. Each map presented is supported by one or more Council research studies that focus on the population noted. There are also detailed demographic analyses that may be used in program planning and improvement efforts by local workforce boards, state agencies, community and technical colleges, policy analysts, and other workforce system stakeholders.

To access detailed data, click on the noted link to launch an interactive graphic for the specific map. Then select a local workforce area to launch a downloadable Excel spreadsheet that contains general demographics for the area, as well as data specific to the population noted.