Accessibility and Disability Policy Webinars

The Accessibility and Disability Policy Webinars are free and real-time captioning is provided for all sessions.  Webinar sessions are coordinated and hosted by the Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities on a monthly basis. Webinars cover a variety of topics regarding people with disabilities in ten issue areas, access, communication, education, emergency preparedness, employment, health, housing, recreation, transportation, and veterans. Topics of interest can benefit employers, governmental entities, service providers, and individuals with disabilities.

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Upcoming Webinars

Before, During and After Disasters: Key Considerations for People with Disabilities

Presented on September 15, 2021 at 2:00 PM
September is National Preparedness Month. As many Texas communities have experienced over the last couple of years, it is imperative for individuals and families to be prepared for a variety of manmade and national emergencies. It is important for individuals with disabilities to consider individual circumstances and needs to effectively prepare for emergencies and disasters. Join us for an overview of key considerations that individuals with disabilities should consider before, during, and after a disaster. The presentation will also provide a synopsis of how FEMA supports individuals with disabilities that are impacted by a disaster.

Presenter: Tammy Goodwin, FEMA Disability Integration Advisor for Texas.

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Overcoming Barriers to Vaccination for Persons with Disabilities

Presented on September 23 at 10 AM
Disability Rights Texas has spearheaded a partnership with stakeholders and disability advocates to form a statewide coalition called Texas Partners for Inclusive Access (TPIA). The primary goal of TPIA is to expand access to COVID-19 vaccines for people with disabilities and older adults. The session will be a discussion of the TPIA- Vaccine Access Initiative.

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Recent Webinars

Accommodations in College: Successfully Navigating the Transition

Presented on August 18, 2021
The transition to college is a big adjustment for most students. Along with the transitions that all students face, students with disabilities must also learn how to access accommodations and develop the support systems that they need to set themselves up for success. The presenters will explain the differences between accommodations in high school and college, how to access accommodations, and students’ rights and responsibilities in regards to those accommodations.

Presenters include Kristie Orr, PhD., Director of Disability Resources at Texas A&M University, and Alicia Guevara, Director of Accessibility Services and Resources at Lone Star College. 

Collaborative & Proactive Solutions Webinar

Presented on August 19, 2021
Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) is an evidence-based model of psychosocial treatment originated and developed by Dr. Ross Greene. CPS helps kids and caregivers solve the problems that are causing concerning behaviors. The problem solving is collaborative and proactive, which (as shown by research) is effective in improving behavior and enhancing skills. Not only that, but the CPS model has been shown to ensure that expectations are in line with a child’s capacities, and dramatically reduce or eliminate discipline referrals, detentions, suspensions, and the use of restraint and seclusion.

A Capitol Recap: Disability Policy in the 87th Legislature

Presented on July 15, 2021
Hosted by the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities and the Governor’s Committee on People with
Disabilities, the program featured an overview of new disability-related laws; a summary of disability issues that remain unaddressed; a discussion on topics lawmakers will cover in special session; and a Q&A session with TCDD and GCPD policy experts.

Get Help: Stay Housed Through the Texas Rent Relief Program

Presented on May 25, 2021
Are you behind on rent or utility bills? The Texas Rent Relief Program (TRR) is here to help tenants impacted by COVID-19 catch up. This webinar contains a program overview and description of how to apply. We will focus on sharing how our program can help persons with disabilities facing housing instability or eviction. Whether you are a landlord, caregiver, service-based organization, friend or relative, you can help a fellow Texan neighbor stay housed. 

Art Works!: Careers in the Visual Arts and People with Disabilities

Presented on April 28, 2021
The Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities (GCPD) is dedicated to furthering the cause of inclusion in every aspect of life—and the arts are no exception. GCPD is proud to present a panel of professional artists with disabilities and provide their insight into what’s needed to make a career in the visual arts. In this 1.5 hour session panelists will share their path towards commercial success and their creative and acclaimed art with our audience. The webinar will close with our statewide call for artists for the 2021 National Disability Employment Awareness Month poster competition.

From Accessible Parking to Housing Vouchers: An Overview of Fair Housing Topics

Presented on April 9, 2021
This session will provide participants an overview of fair housing laws and how they impact people with disabilities. Presenters will cover accessible parking, resources for modifications, service animals or emotional support animals, how to make a complaint, and more. Presented by: Nathan Darus, Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs; Cate Tracz, Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs; and Jeffrey Riddle, Texas Workforce Commission, Civil Rights Division.

COVID-19 Vaccine and People with Disabilities

Presented on March 9, 2021
The Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities (GCPD) invites you to join us for an important question and answer webinar focusing on COVID-19 vaccines and people with disabilities. Dr. John Hellerstedt, Commissioner of the Department of State Health Service (DSHS), and others will answer your questions on COVID-19 vaccines, eligibility, and how to find vaccine providers in your community.

Visitability: Building Today's Housing for Tomorrow

Presented on February 23, 2021
"Visitability" is a growing trend in residential building codes, but what does the term actually mean? Typically used in reference to how easy it is for a person with a disability to access an owner-occupied single-family home, a house must meet at least three basic requirements before it is considered "visitable". Join us Tuesday, February 23rd at 2:00pm for a 90-minute webinar as we explore just what makes a home visitable, how to bring it to your community, and why it is so crucial when it comes to design. Panelists will also answer questions at the end of the webinar. Examples of what makes a visitable home includes things like having a no-step entrance, a wheelchair accessible bathroom on the main floor, and doors wide enough to provide for wheelchair passage. Register today and join us to learn how visitability benefits everyone!

How Does the ADA Apply to Historical Landmarks and Older Buildings?

Presented on February 3, 2021
Most historic and older buildings were not originally designed to accommodate people with disabilities, however, they must comply with the same accessibility standards as other existing buildings. Historic landmarks may enjoy exceptions to allow for the preservation of the historic nature of the building. Join us in this session to discuss what may be required if your building is older or designated as a historic landmark and creative ways to ensure compliance to the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Texas Accessible Standards. Presented by John Torkelson, RAS, CASp, APA ADA Specialist and Mark J. Mazz, AIA, LLC.

The Importance of Braille Literacy

Presented on January 29, 2021 
This session will cover the importance of early Braille intervention services and how having this skill leads to higher student literacy. In addition, we will cover the results of a study on Braille in employment, resources for people who become blind later in life, and Braille in Spanish resources. Presented by Norma Crosby, Emily Gibbs, and Daniel Martinez.


Find past webinars, organized by topic, on the Webinar Archive page.