Flag Status: Full-Staff

The Texas flag is at full-staff today.


General Instructions on the Proper Display of the Flag.

The Texas Government Code directs the methods and means of displaying the Texas flag. In addition to state agencies, all individuals, businesses, municipalities, counties and political subdivisions are encouraged to fly their Texas and United States flags as a mark of respect and honor for Texas and the United States. Specific questions concerning the proper display of the flag should be answered by consulting Texas Government Code Chapter 3100.

Note that when the flag is to be displayed at half-staff, the flag should first be raised briskly to full-staff and then lowered slowly to half-staff.

Some entities maintain facilities that display other flags, pennants and banners (such as replicas of the six historic flags that have flown over Texas). Each entity is responsible for determining its own policy regarding these flags and adornments when flags are to be flown at half-staff, but note that no flag may fly higher than the Texas or United States flag. It is recommended that in displays such as those containing the six historic flags that have flown over Texas, when flags are ordered to half-staff, the Texas and United States flags should be flown at half-staff and the other flags be removed completely from the display for the duration of the time flags are at half-staff. State agencies or political subdivisions are not required to schedule employees to work non-usual hours for the sole purpose of flying the flags at half-staff.