Texanthropy LogoTexans are generous by nature. Philanthropy is in our DNA. It’s just who we are as Texans.

The term "Texanthropy" was coined by Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott, and it combines the two things that she is most passionate about: Texas and philanthropy. Mrs. Abbott believes that we are each called to service, and her top priority as First Lady will be to promote volunteerism and service to others through her "Texanthropy" initiative. She will work to elevate the importance and significance of volunteerism and service, and also shine a spotlight on entities and individuals all across Texas who are working to make our state a better place through their service to others. With the help of Texans from all corners of the Lone Star State, Mrs. Abbott wants to work together to promote volunteerism and help enrich the lives of all Texans through "Texanthropy."

Texans are generous by nature. Philanthropy is in our DNA. As First Lady, I look forward to working with all Texans to bring together the two things that I am most passionate about – Texas and philanthropy.

Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott

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