About the Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities

Who are the members of the Governor's Committee?

The Committee is composed of twelve members, at least seven of whom must be persons with disabilities. The Governor’s Committee provides information and referral services about programs offered by other state agencies or disability organizations. Officials from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, Texas Health and Human Services Commission, Texas Education Agency, Texas Workforce Commission, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, and Texas State Independent Living Council serve as non-voting advisory ex-officio members.

How are members of the Governor's Committee appointed?

Members of the Governor's Committee are appointed by the Governor for staggered terms of two years, with half the members' terms expiring each year. For more information contact the Governor's appointments office at 512-463-1828.

What does the Committee do?

The Committee and staff serve as central sources of information and education on the abilities, rights, problems, and needs of Texans with disabilities and advise the Governor and the Governor's staff on matters related to full participation of Texans with disabilities in all aspects of Texas life. The Committee may also work with legislative committees and with state agencies on the development of laws and policies that affect Texans with disabilities. Although the committee does not have any enforcement legislation linked to its enabling statue in the Texas Human Resources Code, Chapter 115, it develops policy recommendations based on citizen input and research prior to each legislative session and recommends changes in state laws related to Texans with disabilities.

The Committee develops statewide networks of volunteer community-level committees to help promote the dissemination of information and support the rights of Texans with disabilities. It provides information and technical assistance to public and private agencies and businesses to promote and facilitate disability rights laws. The Committee also develops awards and other forms of recognition to persons and organizations making outstanding contributions to the employment of persons with disabilities and to the public awareness of issues impacting Texans with disabilities.