News – Appointment

Nov 24

Governor Abbott Appoints Reynolds To Housing And Health Services Coordination Council

The council works to increase state efforts to offer service-enriched housing through increased interagency coordination. 

Nov 23

Governor Abbott Reappoints Sjolander To Coastal Water Authority Board Of Directors

The authority is a conservation and reclamation district located within Harris, Chambers, and Liberty Counties, and has the power to transport and deliver water inside and outside the authority, to acquire and construct all necessary properties and facilities necessary for such purposes.

Nov 19

Governor Abbott Appoints Coble To Texas Forensic Science Commission

Governor Greg Abbott has appointed Michael Coble, Ph.D. to the Texas Forensic Science Commission for a term set to expire on September 1, 2021.

Nov 18

Governor Abbott Reappoints Four To One-Call Board Of Texas

The board has authority over “Call Before You Dig” systems that notify the underground facility operators for excavation plans so pipelines and utility lines can be marked to prevent accidents.

Nov 17

Governor Abbott Appoints Gore & Arnold To Texas Workforce Investment Council

The Council engages in a collaborative, systematic view of workforce development programs throughout the state and provides for planning, evaluation, research, and other functions related to workforce programs.

Nov 12

Governor Abbott Reappoints Holder And Jenkins To Jefferson And Orange County Board Of Pilot Commissioners

The board has exclusive jurisdiction over the pilot services provided in Jefferson or Orange County, including intermediate stops and landing places for vessels on navigable streams wholly or partially located in the board's jurisdiction.

Nov 10

Governor Abbott Appoints Henry To Texas Juvenile Justice Board

The board is charged to develop and implement rules to govern the department, executive director, and staff and to establish the mission and set goals for the department to emphasize keeping youth in home communities while balancing rehabilitative needs with public safety.

Nov 10

Governor Abbott Appoints Thomas And Names Vasquez Chair Of Texas Department Of Housing And Community Affairs

TDHCA is responsible for promoting and preserving homeownership, financing the development of affordable rental housing, supporting community and energy assistance programs, and other functions.