News – Proclamation

Jul 10

Supplemental Call

Governor Abbott calls the Senate and House of Representatives of the 85th legislature, first called session.

Jul 10

Special Session Proclamation For Sunset Legislation

Governor Greg Abbott issues a special session proclamation for sunset legislation.

Jun 12

SB 1 Signature and Item Disapproval Proclamation

Governor Greg Abbott today signed the 2018-2019 state budget into law. In addition to signing the budget, the Governor vetoed approximately $120 million in spending from the budget.

May 11

Governor Abbott Proclaims May 8-12, 2017 to be Teacher Appreciation Week

Saluting and showing appreciation to teachers, who play such an active role in shaping the Texas of tomorrow.

May 1

Disaster Proclamation Issued For Three Texas Counties Following Severe Weather

Governor Abbott declares a state of disaster for three Texas counties.

Mar 11

Disaster Proclamation Issued For Six Texas Panhandle Counties

Governor Abbott declares a state of disaster for six Texas counties.

Mar 1

Governor Abbott Proclaims March 2017 to be Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, honoring the women of the Lone Star State and recognizing their accomplishments.

Feb 2

Governor Abbott Proclaims Texas Military Heroes Day

Honoring all who have sacrificed & served on behalf of the Lone Star State this Texas Military Heroes Day.