Office of the Governor - Greg Abbott

Governor's Organization

The Governor’s office is a uniquely entrepreneurial organization of leaders committed to supporting Gov. Abbott’s vision to build a better Texas for future generations. With responsibilities ranging from the research and creation of policy initiatives to the state’s job creation efforts, the Office of the Governor plays a key role in shaping the future of the Lone Star State.

Appointments Office »
Searching for the most qualified individuals in Texas to lead boards, commissions and other oversight groups in service to our state.
Budget and Policy »
Guiding the Governor on key policy issues, especially those pertaining to his statutory role as Texas’ Chief Budget Officer.
Commission for Women »
Promoting opportunities for Texas women through outreach, education, research and referral services.
Committee on People with Disabilities »
Pursuing a vision where people with disabilities have full and equal access for independent, productive and self-determined lives.
Constituent Communication »
Providing an opportunity for dialogue between the Governor and the people of Texas.
Criminal Justice Division »
Enhancing public safety and reducing crime in Texas through strategic direction and support for law enforcement.
Economic Development & Tourism »
Promoting the best of Texas to companies and visitors from across the country and all over the world.
Financial Services »
Ensuring that all financial transactions set the highest standard for the state of Texas.
General Counsel »
Providing legal advice on a broad range of issues encountered in leading the second-largest state in the nation.
Homeland Security Grants Division »
Supporting strategies to prevent terrorism and other catastrophic events while preparing communities for the threats and hazards that pose great risk to Texas and the nation.
Human Resources »
Helping with talent recruitment, supporting employees in need of HR policy and program support and students pursuing the Texas Governor’s Fellowship program.
Internal Audit »
Bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.
Office of Compliance and Monitoring »
Ensuring effective and efficient compliance and financial monitoring of grant recipients and other awardees, while helping various trusteed programs manage risk for improved decision-making.
Office of State-Federal Relations »
Advocating for the interest of Texas to the Administration, Congress and federal agencies.
Office of the First Lady »
Coordinating the First Lady’s initiatives and public engagement, as well as managing scheduling, correspondence and media inquiries.
Press Office »
Working closely with reporters and media organizations to convey the Governor’s vision for Texas.
Scheduling and Advance »
Organizing the logistics of the Governor’s attendance at local, state, national and international events, as well as responding to requests for the Governor’s time.
Texas Film Commission »
Promoting Texas’ film-related services, locations and facilities from pre- through postproduction.
Texas Military Preparedness Commission »
Continuing Texas’ proud military history by working to preserve and expand the state’s 15 major military installations.
Texas Music Office »
Serving as the information clearinghouse and promotion office for the Texas music industry.
Texas Workforce Investment Council »
Improving the quality of our state’s workforce through education and training.