Freer Texas

For nearly 200 years, Texas has stood for freedom, personal liberty, and self-reliance. Whether it’s untethering critical industries from oppressive government regulation or protecting Texans’ right to free speech, Governor Abbott is working to ensure our state remains a bastion of freedom and opportunity.

Energy Independence

Texas stands proudly as the energy capital of the world. We lead the nation in energy production , helping secure America’s energy independence and security.

Governor Abbott has taken significant action to protect this crucial industry against federal government overreach that would otherwise disrupt oil and gas production and risk hundreds of thousands of Texas jobs, including:

Governor Abbott will continue safeguarding Texas’ thriving energy industry, the hardworking men and women it employs, and its contributions to the nation’s energy independence and security.

Protecting Free Speech and Liberties

Governor Abbott has long-championed freedom of speech for all Texans. Working with the Texas Legislature, the Governor has fought to protect the First Amendment rights of Texans by:

Governor Abbott signed several laws from the 88th Legislative Session to protect the individual liberties of all Texans, including:

  • Prohibiting school districts from infringing upon teachers’ rights to display our national motto, “In God We Trust,” in their classrooms
  • Stopping local governments from restricting Texans’ use of gas-powered lawnmowers and other vehicles
  • Protecting minors from accessing harmful content online
  • Increasing protections for consumers’ personal data

Ending Covid-19 Restrictions

Governor Abbott issued executive orders to prevent local governments from encroaching on Texans’ individual liberties. These executive orders protect Texans from mask and vaccine mandates, as well as school and business closures.

In 2021, Governor Abbott fought against overreach into Texans’ individual healthcare decisions and worked with the Texas Legislature to protect the liberty inherent to all Texans, such as:

  • Enshrined Texans’ right to worship by preventing local governments from shutting down religious activities during a pandemic
  • Prohibited local governments from shutting down certain business activities
  • Banned vaccine passports

To further protect Texans from government overreach, Governor Abbott named ending COVID restrictions forever as an emergency item for lawmakers to address during the 88th Legislative Session. Working with the Texas Legislature, Governor Abbott signed into law includes key measures to protect individual liberties by prohibiting:

  • Any COVID-19 government vaccine mandates
  • Any COVID-19 government mask mandates
  • Any government from closing schools or businesses because of COVID-19

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