Brighter Texas

Texas schools play an essential role in our state. They educate the future entrepreneurs, scientists, and leaders, ensuring our state continues to thrive for generations to come. Under Governor Abbott’s leadership Texas is a national leader in education:

Education Freedom

In the current 88th Legislative Session, Governor Abbott made education freedom for all Texans an emergency item

Governor Abbott has done more for public education than any other governor in Texas’ history. Working with the Texas Legislature, Governor Abbott has: 

Governor Abbott wants to ensure every parent can choose the best education path for their child by working with the Texas Legislature to:

  • Expand school choice through Education Saving Accounts
  • Restore parents’ right as the primary decisionmaker in all matters involving their child
  • Require schools to better inform parents of their rights
  • Expand parent access to curriculum, school libraries, and what their children are taught
  • And more

Community Colleges

To build a strong Texas of tomorrow, our state must continue investing in a highly skilled workforce ready for the jobs of tomorrow. Governor Abbott has worked to ensure every Texan is prepared to succeed in high-demand industries like technology, healthcare, and energy. 

In the 88th Legislative Session, Governor Abbott has made it a priority to fully implement the Texas Commission on Community College Finance recommendations: 

  • Performance-based funding system
  • Access to financial aid
  • Start-up grants for high-demand programs to quickly meet the needs of communities and Texas 

School Safety

In the current 88th Legislative Session, Governor Abbott made school safety an emergency item.

Working with the Texas Legislature and state agencies, Governor Abbott has taken significant action to increase safety standards on school campuses across Texas, including: 

We cannot let another school year go by without making Texas schools safer. This session, Governor Abbott is working with the Texas Legislature to: 

  • Fund necessary school safety improvements on every campus, including technology upgrades, hardening equipment, and expanded mental health resources
  • Expand and enhance the capabilities of the iWatchTexas program in school districts
  • Codify the intruder detection audit process and require facilities use those standards
  • Require schools to provide campus maps to local law enforcement to ensure they have the necessary resources to respond to a disaster
  • Increase funds for TCHATT to ensure more Texas students can access the mental health services they need
  • Use the newly created Chief of School Safety and Security to ensure compliance with all mandated school safety standards