First Lady Addresses Texas Victim Services Association Biannual Conference

May 3, 2017 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott today attended and delivered remarks at the Texas Victim Services Association (TVSA) biannual conference and 20th anniversary celebration.

“Nothing is more important than ensuring the safety of all Texans,” the First Lady said.

Texas has been a national leader in the fight against heinous crimes like human trafficking and will continue to ensure that the Lone Star State remains both hostile territory for criminals and a safe haven for their victims. 

With your support, Texas will continue to lead the fight. Thank you for doing your part to make Texas a safer place, and to help those who have been victims of crime to recover and feel safe again.”

TVSA is a grassroots, almost-exclusively volunteer run organization, that provides support, training, mentoring and networking opportunities for victim service providers – from law enforcement, prosecution, probation and parole agencies, as well as professionals who serve crime victims in a wide range of non-profit and community-based services.