What They Are Saying About Governor Abbott’s Letter To Dallas Co. Sheriff

October 30, 2015 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

“Laying Down The Gauntlet” . . . “Draws Line In The Sand” . . . “The Governor Is Right Here And The Sheriff Is Wrong”

Sean Hannity: “Good Job In Texas, I’ll Tell You That!” (The Sean Hannity Show, October 27, 2015)

Houston Chronicle’s Brian Rosenthal: “He [Abbott] Plans To Ramp Up The Fight Against So-Called ‘Sanctuary Cities.’” “Gov. Greg Abbott hinted Monday he plans to ramp up the fight against so-called ‘sanctuary cities,’ telling the Dallas County sheriff that the state “must pass laws” to prohibit them.” (Houston Chronicle, October 26, 2015)

Beaumont Enterprise Editorial: “The Governor Is Right Here, And The Sheriff Is Wrong.” “The governor is right here, and the sheriff is wrong. Texas cities should not violate federal law on immigration even if they think it's imperfect, especially because this issue invariably only affects illegal immigrants who have committed other crimes.” (Beaumont Enterprise, October 28, 2015)

TX State Rep. Jason Villalba: “I Commend Gov. Greg Abbott For His Bold And Decisive Efforts To Stop This Flagrant Disregard For Federal Protocols.” (Texas Tribune, October 28, 2015)

Dallas Morning News’ Brandi Grissom: “He [Abbott] Is . . . Laying Down The Gauntlet.” (Texas Standard Radio, October 27, 2015)

Breitbart’s Bob Price: “Texas Governor Greg Abbott Admonished Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez Over Her Recent Decision…” “Texas Governor Greg Abbott admonished Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez over her recent decision to consider honoring immigration detainers on a ‘case-by-case’ basis. The governor said sanctuary city policies like this will ‘no longer be tolerated in Texas.’” (Breitbart, October 26, 2015)

Red State’s Moe Lane: “Basically, Governor Abbott Is Promising To Provide Some Real Pain For The County’s Non-Compliance With Federal Law, Here.” (Red State, October 26, 2015)

International Business Times’ Bruce Wright: “The Governor Of Texas Had A Stern Warning Monday For The Top Law Enforcement Official In Dallas County: Enforce The Nation's Laws, Or Else.” (International Business Times, October 26, 2015)

IJ Review’s Victoria Taft: “Lay(Ing) Down The Law With The Dallas Sheriff.” “Texas governor Greg Abbott invoked the memory of murder victim Kate Steinle to who’s announced an illegal alien ‘sanctuary city’ policy.” (IJ Review, October 27, 2015)

  • IJ Review Headline: “Texas Gov Draws Line In The Sand Over Sanctuary Cities…And Dares Feds To Cross It” (IJ Review, October 27, 2015)