What They Are Saying About Gov. Abbott’s Call For A Convention Of States

January 13, 2016 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

“A Glimmer Of Hope For Constitutional Conservatives” . . . One Of The Most Articulate Speeches” . . . “Took Fresh Aim At Feds”

Talk Radio Host Mark Levin: “I Am Deeply Impressed By The Governor Of Texas … [Abbott] Gave One Of The Most Articulate Speeches I’ve Heard In A Long Time…“ (The Mark Levin Show, 1/8/16)

Texas Monthly’s Erica Grieder Said Abbott’s Proposal Is “More Serious Than Any That Have Preceded It.” “Abbott’s Call, However, Is More Serious Than Any That Have Preceded It. … What Abbott Has Done, Essentially, Is Call For A Debate That Is Well Worth Having.” (Texas Monthly, 1/11/16)

Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro: Abbott “Provided A Glimmer Of Hope For Constitutional Conservatives.” “Texas Governor Greg Abbott provided a glimmer of hope for constitutional conservatives who want to see a restoration of balance between the massively overweening federal government and the increasingly irrelevant state governments.” (Breitbart, 1/8/16)

Stanford University Hoover Institution Fellow Thomas Sowell Said Abbott’s Amendments Would “Restore Constitutional Protections That Have Been Surreptitiously Eroded…” “Far From Proposing Radical Departures From The Constitution, Most Of Governor Abbott's Proposed Amendments Would Restore Constitutional Protections That Have Been Surreptitiously Eroded By Unelected Federal Judges And By Unelected Bureaucrats In Administrative Agencies, Who Create A Major Part Of "The Law Of The Land," With The Help Of "Deference" From Federal Judges.” (Creators Syndicate, 1/11/16)

University Of Texas Law Professor, Sanford Levinson Said A Discussion On The Issue Is “Long Overdue.” “It Is Long Overdue To Have A Serious Discussion About What Kinds Of Powers We Want To Put In The Hands Of The President In The Modern World.” (Austin American-Statesman, 1/8/16) 
San Antonio Express-News Headline: “Gov. Abbott Takes Fresh Aim At Feds” (San Antonio Express-News, 1/8/16)

Amarillo Globe-News Editorial: “Abbott Should Be Applauded For Taking The Lead Among The States By Advocating For A Constitutional Convention, And His Nine Amendments Deserve Consideration.” (Amarillo Globe News, 1/11/16)

  • Amarillo Globe-News Headline: “Abbott Makes The Right Call” (Amarillo Globe News, 1/11/16)