Governor Abbott Files Amicus Brief In Support Of Houston Businesses Suing Over Increased Regulatory

August 4, 2015 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Governor Greg Abbott today filed an amicus brief in support of Houston businesses suing to stop their city council’s unlawful attempt to impose increased regulatory burdens. Governor Abbott released the following statement:

“The Texas Constitution and Texas statutes prohibit city officials from interfering with the State’s enforcement of environmental regulations.  I am committed to promoting economic development and job growth in the state of Texas by reducing the regulatory burden that drives up the cost of doing business. The City of Houston’s unlawful ordinance imposes devastating consequences on Houston’s small businesses in particular, like auto repair shops, gas stations, and dry cleaners, who provide many of the city’s jobs.”

“Houston’s ordinance is unlawful because it conflicts with state law.  State investigators at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality work closely with industrial polluters, big and small, to achieve lasting remediation and meaningful compliance with state environmental protection laws.  As my office’s brief to the Supreme Court explains, the additional layer of regulatory oversight imposed by the City of Houston unfairly penalizes small businesses and is not the most effective way to promote compliance with the State’s environmental laws.”

To read the full brief, click here.