Governor Abbott Thanks Lawmakers For Supporting Legislation Prohibiting Use Of Taxpayer Dollars To Collect Union Dues

July 28, 2017 | Austin, Texas | Press Release | Legislative

The following lawmakers have declared their support for HB 156 or SB 7, which address Governor Abbott’s call to prohibit both state and local governments from deducting union dues from public employees’ paychecks. The Governor thanks these members of the legislature for their commitment to ensuring Texas taxpayers are not on the hook for collecting union dues. 

HB 156 (Isaac, Jason)

Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Bell, Cecil

Biedermann, Kyle

Bonnen, Greg

Burrows, Dustin

Cain, Briscoe

Dale, Tony

Elkins, Gary

Fallon, Pat

Flynn, Dan

Frank, James

Goldman, Craig

Hefner, Cole

Isaac, Jason

Keough, Mark

King, Phil

Krause, Matt

Lang, Mike

Laubenberg, Jodie

Leach, Jeff

Miller, Rick

Murphy, Jim

Oliverson, Tom

Parker, Tan

Paul, Dennis

Rinaldi, Matt

Sanford, Scott

Schaefer, Matt

Schofield, Mike

Shaheen, Matt

Simmons, Ron

Stephenson, Phil

Stickland, Jonathan

Swanson, Valoree

Tinderholt, Tony

Wilson, Terry

Workman, Paul

Zedler, Bill

SB7 (Hughes, Bryan)

Bettencourt, Paul

Birdwell, Brian

Buckingham, Dawn

Burton, Konni

Campbell, Donna

Creighton, Brandon

Estes, Craig

Hall, Bob

Hancock, Kelly

Huffines, Donald

Huffman, Joan

Hughes, Bryan

Kolkhorst, Lois

Nelson, Jane

Perry, Charles

Schwertner, Charles

Seliger, Kel

Taylor, Larry

Taylor, Van

*The names above reflect votes cast for legislation, coauthors of bills, press releases announcing legislators’ support for bills, letters to the Governor, and individual legislators’ notification to the Office of the Governor expressing their support for specific bills.