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Governor's Mansion Restoration Fund

What is the Texas Governor's Mansion Restoration Fund (TGMRF)?

The Fund was established to raise money needed to help restore the Texas Governor's Mansion, which was severely damaged by arson June 8, 2008. The Fund is led by Texas First Lady Anita Perry and The Honorable Pamela Willeford, U.S Ambassador to Switzerland 2003 - 2006.

What part of the construction/restoration did donations through the fund pay for?

Private funds were used to pay for an addition to the west side, restoration of historical features, improved handicap accessibility, and the completion of landscaping and historical documentation.

Why wasn't the Governor's Mansion insured?

Every year the state reviews the issue of insuring state buildings, and the legislature has consistently decided to self insure, except in those cases where construction bonds require insurance.   We are exploring opportunities to protect the Mansion during construction. The destruction of the Mansion was a criminal act of vandalism.   Arson is difficult to insure against and enhanced security is our greatest protection. 

Is there an update on the arson investigation?

Law enforcement continues its investigation into the June 8th fire at the Governor's Mansion.  The state is offering a $50,000 reward for information that can lead authorities to the arsonist.  Further questions should be directed to the State Fire Marshall's Office.