Parking and Buying Gas

Texas Law

  • Provides that certain persons with temporary or permanent disabilities, or individuals and residential facilities that regularly transport individuals with disabilities are eligible for accessible parking placards and/or license plates for motor vehicles. Such individuals must obtain a statement or prescription from a physician, podiatrist, or physician's assistant.
  • Provides for the issuance of special parking placards or license plates. This identification, or similar identification issued by another state, province or foreign country entitles parking in spaces reserved for people with disabilities.
  • Provides that people with disabilities may not loan their placards to others.
  • Provides penalties for making, selling, or possessing fraudulent parking placards.
  • Provides penalties for blocking access aisles or parking in accessible spaces to deliver goods.
  • Allows people with disability placards or license plates to receive fuel pumping services (refueling) for self-service prices at stations where both services are available.
  • Allows a city, county or school district to train volunteers to enforce parking violations for misuse of parking spaces or placards.
  • Requires that placards issued after September 1, 2007 will include the first four digits of the applicant's drivers license number and the applicant's initials.
  • Provides that certain veterans with disabilities are eligible to receive specialty license plates for any number of vehicles that they own.
  • Permits a vehicle displaying a disabled veteran's license plate to park in any parking spot reserved for a person with a disability. The plate does not have to display the international symbol of access.
  • As of November 1, 2009, accessible plates and placards may be obtained from the newly created Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Allows a grace period for a violation of accessible parking with an expired placard.
  • Establishes penalties for illegal use of accessible parking ranging from a minimum of a $500 fine to a maximum of a $1250 fine plus community service.
  • Allows a person entitled to license plates for disabled veterans to elect to receive general issue license plates at the same cost as the disabled veteran license plates.
  • Allows licensed optometrists to evaluate for accessible parking placards or plates.
  • Allows exemption of motor vehicle sales tax for Texans with orthopedic impairments who purchase modified vehicles.
  • Provides for specialty license plates for the surviving spouse of a veteran with a disability.
  • Allows veterans of World War II and other veterans with specialty license plate, including plates that indicate a disability or military honors, to park for free in most meters controlled by state and local government entities.

Texas Statutes


Relevant Federal Laws

  • Americans with Disabilities Act:
    U.S. Department of Justice
    (800) 514-0301; (800) 514-0383 (TTY)


  • The “Accessible Parking in Texas Fast Facts” resource which contains information that does not reflect current law.  We will provide a new document in both Word and PDF formats when we are more fully staffed.