Governor Abbott Issues Proclamation On Price Gouging

September 1, 2017 | Austin, Texas | Proclamation


WHEREAS, I, GREG ABBOTT, Governor of the State of Texas, did issue a series of proclamations declaring a state of disaster in 58 counties of Texas as a result of the catastrophic damage caused by Hurricane Harvey; and

WHEREAS, millions of Texans have been impacted by this disaster, including many who have been displaced from their homes and have temporarily relocated to other parts of the state that are not a part of the declared disaster area; and

WHEREAS, many Texans impacted by this disaster are particularly vulnerable to economic exploitation during this challenging time; and

WHEREAS, Texas law prohibits price gouging and gives the attorney general the authority to prosecute anyone throughout Texas who takes advantage of a declared disaster by charging an exorbitant or excessive price for fuel, food, medicine, or any other necessity; and

WHEREAS, I am assured that the Attorney General and other law enforcement officials throughout Texas will seek to identify and vigorously prosecute those who use price-gouging to take advantage of the victims of Hurricane Harvey; 

NOW, THEREFORE, be it known that price gouging is unlawful throughout Texas and that violations of subsection 17.46(b)(27) of the Texas Business and Commerce Code may be investigated and prosecuted by the attorney general anywhere throughout the state.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto signed my name and have officially caused the Seal of State to be affixed at my office in the City of Austin, Texas, this the 1st day of September, 2017.



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