What They Are Saying About The Big Three Property Tax Proposal

February 1, 2019 | Austin, Texas | Press Release | Legislative

Dallas Morning News’ Rebekah Allen: “Give Property Owners Some Tax Relief.” “Texas's top lawmakers announced the first leg of their plan on Thursday to give property owners some tax relief by placing tough restrictions on local government budgets.” (Dallas Morning News, 1/31/19)

“In a show of unity between the two chambers, lawmakers filed identical companion bills to cap local property tax revenue for cities, counties and special taxing districts in one of the most far-reaching proposals entertained by the Legislature in recent years.” (Dallas Morning News, 1/31/19)

Houston Chronicle’s Jeremy Wallace And Andrea Zelinski: “They (Governor Abbott, Lt. Governor Patrick And Speaker Bonnen) All Threw Their Support Behind Identical Bills In The House And Senate — A Rare Accord On Such A Major Issue So Early In The Legislative Session.” “While Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and House Speaker Dennis Bonnen have generally declared a unified front on reforming property taxes before, this announcement was different in that they all threw their support behind identical bills in the House and Senate — a rare accord on such a major issue so early in the legislative session.” (Houston Chronicle, 1/31/19)

KXAN Headline: “Texas Leaders Release Identical Property Tax Reform Bills” (KXAN, 1/31/19)

WFAA’s Demetria Obilor: “Something Homeowners Will Want To Hear, Property Tax Relief Could Be On The Way.” “Something homeowners will want to hear, property tax relief could be on the way. Some good news. Governor Greg Abbott and other state leaders just announced new bills on that very issue.” (WFAA, 1/31/19)

KVUE’s Ashley Goudeau: “At The Texas Capitol Today, Big News For Homeowners. It Was Just Announced Matching Bills Have Been Filed In The House And The Senate To Reduce How Much Cities And Counties Can Increase Your Property Taxes Without An Election.” (KVUE, 1/31/19)

State Senator Paul Bettencourt: “That Number Came From The Governor Who Wisely Determined With The House At 6 And The Senate At 4 He Was Going To Compromise At 2.5 [Percent], And That's What's Called Real Leadership.” “At the news conference Thursday, Bettencourt made light of the fact that the new plan, which originated from Abbott's campaign promise, was a harder reach than both plans that were rejected two years ago. ‘That number came from the governor who wisely determined with the House at 6 and the Senate at 4 he was going to compromise at 2.5 [percent], and that's what's called real leadership,’ he said.” (Dallas Morning News, 1/31/19)

Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Kevin Roberts: “Give(s) Taxpayers Greater Transparency And A Stronger Voice In The Process.” “The bills will ‘give taxpayers greater transparency and a stronger voice in the process,’ said Kevin Roberts, executive director of the conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation.” (Austin American Statesman, 1/31/19)

Austin American-Statesman Headline: “State GOP Leaders Seek To Limit Property Tax Increases” (Austin American-Statesman, 1/31/19)