Texas Grows Jobs Faster Than Nation, Smashing Historic Highs

January 19, 2024 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Governor Greg Abbott today celebrated the strength and resilience of the Texas economy following the release of December employment data showing Texas continues to outpace the nation in annual job growth. Texas also again set new historic highs for total jobs, the number of Texans working, and the size of the Texas labor force. December marked 34 months of uninterrupted job growth in Texas.
“Texas continues to grow jobs faster than the nation and smash record highs month after month,” said Governor Abbott. “As a result, more Texans are working than ever before. Texas stands as a model for the nation, offering the freedom and tools for both job creators and job seekers to thrive. With our young, skilled, diverse, and growing workforce and strategic, ongoing investments in infrastructure, education, and workforce development, we will attract even more innovative industry leaders to our great state. As the new year begins, we celebrate record-setting employment and the endless opportunities ahead for a bigger, better Texas.”
December employment data released by the Texas Workforce Commission shows:

  • Texas reaches a new historic high with the largest labor force ever in the state’s history at a record 15,203,900.
  • Texas reaches a new historic high for Texans working, including self-employed, at 14,594,900.
  • Texas reaches a new historic high for total jobs at 14,103,300 after adding 19,100 non-farm jobs in December.
  • Texas again added jobs at a faster rate than the nation over the last 12 months, adding 369,600 jobs from December 2022 to December 2023 and growing at an annual rate of 2.7%, above the growth rate for the nation as a whole of 1.7%.

Earlier this month, Governor Abbott celebrated Texas being named 2023 State of the Year in recognition of the state's best-in-the-nation business climate and job growth, marking the fifth State of the Year win for Texas from Business Facilities magazine, more than any other state.