Texas Again Leads Nation In Annual Jobs Growth

December 22, 2023 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Sets 3 New Historic Highs For Jobs

Governor Greg Abbott today celebrated the unrivaled strength of Texas’ robust economy following the release of November employment data showing Texas continues to lead the nation in annual jobs growth, adding more jobs over the last 12 months than any state in the nation. Texas also again set three new record highs for total jobs, the number of Texans working, and the size of the Texas labor force.

“Texas dominates as America’s jobs engine, again adding more jobs over the last 12 months than any state in the nation,” said Governor Abbott. “I am proud that more Texans are working than ever before, thanks to employers who continue to invest and grow jobs here. Texas serves as a beacon of opportunity, proving that when given the freedom to aspire and the foundation to succeed, businesses flourish and people prosper. As we look to the new year, we will continue to work together and safeguard the promise of an even bigger, brighter Texas for generations to come.” 

With previously released October data for total nonfarm jobs revised up to 14,068,100, Texas has now experienced 33 months of uninterrupted job growth through November.

November employment data released by the Texas Workforce Commission and the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows:

  • Texas reaches a new historic high with the largest labor force ever in the state’s history at a record 15,192,900.
  • Texas reaches a new historic high for Texans working, including self-employed, at 14,576,500.
  • Texas reaches a new historic high for total jobs at 14,094,900 after adding 26,800 non-farm jobs in November.
  • Texas added the most jobs in the nation over the last 12 months, adding 407,100 jobs from November 2022 to November 2023 and growing at an annual rate of 3%, above the growth rate for the nation as a whole of 1.8%.

Earlier this month, Governor Abbott celebrated Texas’ continuing economic momentum as the Texas economy expanded faster than the nation as a whole for the fourth quarter in a row. Second quarter 2023 real GDP—the value of all goods and services produced—grew in Texas at an annual rate of 4.9%, well ahead of the United States which grew at 2.1%.