Office Of The Governor Issues Statement On Democrats’ Lawsuit To Overturn Article X Veto

June 25, 2021 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Office of the Governor Press Secretary Renae Eze today issued a statement regarding a lawsuit filed by Texas Democrat state representatives and others to halt the execution of the Governor's veto of Article X:

“The governor’s veto power is granted by the Texas Constitution, and the Texas Supreme Court has recognized that ‘the Governor has power to disapprove any bill.’ Also, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has made clear that the Constitution does not 'impose any restriction on the [governor’s] veto power.’ More to the point, that court also ruled that ‘the governor’s power to exercise a veto may not be circumscribed by the Legislature [or] by the courts.’ This is not the first time, and undoubtedly will not be the last time, that a governor vetoes funding for government positions and salaries. Any limitation on that authority directly contradicts the Constitution and decades of vetoes by governors.

“The Democrats’ claims about the governor’s veto ‘cancelling’ the legislative branch are misleading and misguided. The Constitution protects the legislative branch, and as the Democrats well know, their positions, their powers and their salaries are protected by the Constitution. They can continue to legislate despite the veto.”