Law Enforcement Leaders Praise Governor Abbott’s Call To Enhance Protections For Peace Officers

January 31, 2017 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Governor Greg Abbott today listed his call to expand protections for law enforcement as one of his legislative priorities in his State of the State address. Law Enforcement officials and advocates were quick to offer praise for the Governor’s call to action:

“The 25,000 law enforcement officers who are members of TMPA, and indeed all of Texas law enforcement, owes a debt of gratitude to Governor Abbott for his unwavering support. Since becoming governor, and before that as attorney general, Greg Abbott has always worked tirelessly to provide our men and women on the front line of public safety the equipment, tools and logistics we need to protect and serve the citizens of Texas.”

Kevin F. Lawrence, Executive Director, Texas Municipal Police Association

“Governor Abbott has shown time and time again his commitment to law enforcement. As others shy away from supporting the duties of our brave men and women in uniform, Governor Abbott promotes strength in their mission to keep them and our State safe. God bless Governor Abbott and the state of Texas.”
Frederick Frazier, 1st Vice President, Dallas Police Association

“The attacks on law enforcement officers across our country are unprecedented. Thanks to Governor Abbott for his leadership in making the Police Protection Act a top legislative priority to strengthen penalties for crimes committed against our brothers and sisters in uniform. The Governor’s actions send a clear message to the men and women protecting our state that Texas has their back.”
Ray Hunt, President, Houston Police Officers’ Union

“Governor Abbott’s commitment to protecting our law enforcement officials continues to be an inspiration for officers around the state. At a time when the men and women in blue are increasingly being targeted, it is more important than ever that our elected officials have our backs. I am proud of the work Governor Abbott is doing in Austin to protect us and look forward to seeing his Police Protection Act signed into law.”
David Cross, Chief, Crockett Police Department