ICYMI: Governor Abbott Discusses Booming Texas Economy On Fox & Friends

January 21, 2020 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Governor Greg Abbott joined Fox & Friends from Davos, Switzerland this morning to discuss the World Economic Forum, the booming Texas economy, and the state's thriving business climate. 

"Texas is the fastest growing economy in the United States. We have the number one gross domestic product among all the states because like the President, we truly embrace the value of capitalism," said Governor Abbott following President Donald Trump's keynote address at the World Economic Forum. "We want businesses to come to the state of Texas. We want fewer regulations, lower taxes. We want to make it easy for businesses to be able to succeed, because we understand something in Texas that it seems like some other states do not. That is, when your business succeeds in Texas, we, as a state, succeed."

The Governor also discussed why thousands continue to flee liberal states like California for more economically prosperous states like Texas. 

"Last year, 700,000 people fled California. When you consider the beautiful climate out there, it is hard to imagine 700,000 people fleeing. You also have people fleeing Illinois, New Jersey, and other states because they're trying to get away from the things that hamstring capitalism and hamstring the ability to start and grow a business. We as a nation and we as a state have record low unemployment and wages are rising. As the President pointed out what is true there, is true in Texas. That is, the top 10% of the people benefiting the most from all of this are the bottom 10% of wage earners. Wages are going up more than anybody else."

Watch Governor Abbott's full appearance on Fox & Friends.