Governor Abbott Tours Southern Border With DHS Secretary John Kelly

February 1, 2017 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Governor Abbott today toured the U.S.-Mexico border with Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and discussed the importance of strengthening border security. During their tour, Governor Abbott reiterated his commitment to be a partner with the administration in efforts to secure the border.
“I am pleased to be working with Secretary Kelly on solving our border challenges and am encouraged by the attention the federal government is giving this serious issue,” said Governor Abbott. “I am committed to the protection, safety and security of the people of the state of Texas, and Secretary Kelly has likewise expressed that border security is a priority for him and the new administration. Together, with the federal government, Texas will not flinch in our resolve to keep our citizens safe.”
In his State of the State address yesterday, Governor Abbott resolved to not only continuing the work of securing the border, but also addressing the challenge of sanctuary cities and holding accountable law enforcement officials who refuse to defend the law.