Governor Abbott Signs E-Verify Bill (SB 374) Into Law

June 10, 2015 | Austin, Texas | Legislative - Signature Statement

Governor Greg Abbott today signed Senate Bill 374 (Schwertner, R-Georgetown; Dale, R-Cedar Park), which will require state agencies to participate in the E-verify program, a federal initiative authenticating the employment authorization status of all newly-hired employees by state agencies. The bill was part of Governor Abbott’s “Bicentennial Blueprint.”

“Today I am proud to sign into law SB 374, which will ensure taxpayer-funded, state paychecks are issued only to those eligible to work in the United States,” said Governor Abbott. “This bill adds appropriate checks on the hiring of individuals not lawfully present in this nation by state agencies, incentivizes lawful immigration and assures taxpayers that their hard-earned dollars are being used responsibly. By rightfully prioritizing the needs of our own workforce and certifying employability at public agencies, Texas can – and will – keep Texans working and our economy growing for generations to come.”