Governor Abbott Issues Statement On Texas Lawsuit Against EPA’s Clean Power Plan

October 23, 2015 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Governor Greg Abbott today issued a statement following the State of Texas’ lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “Clean Power Plan”:

“The EPA’s latest power grab – disguised as a ‘Clean Power Plan’ – takes already burdensome federal regulations a step further by driving up energy costs, stagnating job growth, threatening the reliability of our electric grid and treading all over the State of Texas’ sovereignty,” said Governor Abbott. “With seemingly no concept of what it costs to support a family, start a business or save for retirement, the federal government has yet again proven its readiness to sacrifice American jobs in the name of expanding bureaucratic authority and pushing its liberal agenda. I applaud the Attorney General's challenge to the Clean Power Plan and offer my full support for all efforts to fight federal government overreach.”

As Governor, Greg Abbott has repeatedly defended the State of Texas and its sovereignty against constant overreach by the Obama Administration and an ever-expanding EPA. Since taking office, he has signed a multi-state letter calling on the agency to refrain from issuing new ozone standards that would stifle economic growth and job creation, submitted comments challenging the EPA’s proposed “regional haze” rule as unlawful and unconstitutional, and as Attorney General, he filed litigation and took all necessary legal action to rein in the agency and its out-of-control regulations.