Governor Abbott Announces New SATA Group Project In Brownsville, TX

May 4, 2016 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Governor Greg Abbott today announced that SATA Group, a high-tech components manufacturer, will be constructing a new machine plant in Brownsville, Texas. This project is expected to create 300 jobs and generate $114 million in capital investment in the Texas economy. A Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF) offer of $1.8 million has been extended to SATA Group.

“Texas continues to be an economic powerhouse thanks to an environment and government that encourages business growth by limiting taxes, regulations and bureaucracy,” said Governor Abbott. “I am proud that SATA Group has chosen to expand in the Rio Grande Valley, bringing high-quality jobs to a region that is vital to the growth of our state. The best thing a government can do to create jobs and prosperity is get out of the way of employers, and as Governor, I will continue to pursue policies that do just that.”

“Our level of quality and superior manufacturing productivity created a global demand for our machined products and services,” said Pietro Cinotto, Vice President of SATA USA. “It grew to the point where it made sense for us to enter the North American market and that’s when Brownsville, Texas came into our site selection process. The overwhelming support helped us make the decision to settle in Brownsville.”

“In the long term, the SATA development will be the anchor for the North Brownsville Heavy Manufacturing Campus, which will become a major economic pillar for South Texas,” said Jason Hilts, President and CEO of the Brownsville Economic Development Council. “This major development perfectly aligned with our vision of transforming Brownsville into an advanced manufacturing hub and hotbed for suppliers.”

North Brownsville Heavy Manufacturing Campus Facts:

  • 350-acre development on newly designated Interstate 169
  • Will integrate industry via private enterprise, the public sector, the university system, community college and technical training facilities within the campus
  • Will house a vertically-integrated machining-foundry-forging operation by 2020
  • Plans to include an aluminum die cast operation, large plastic injection molder, distribution center and apprenticeship training center with an emphasis on machinists
  • Development has potential to create 4,000 jobs in a 10-year period

The Texas Legislature created the TEF in 2003 and reauthorized funding in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015 to help attract new companies to Texas and expand existing businesses to create more jobs throughout the State. TEF projects must be approved by the governor, lieutenant governor and speaker of the House. The fund has since become one of the state's most competitive economic development tools.