Governor Abbott Signs Bill Ending Local Regulations Of Transportation Network Companies

May 29, 2017 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Governor Greg Abbott today signed House Bill 100 (HB 100), which will end a patchwork of local regulations on ride-sharing companies in Texas and expands transportation options. This law will override local provisions and provide regulatory certainty, creating a consistent framework across the state for popular ride-hailing companies, while still enforcing important customer safety standards. 

"Texas has longtime been the home for innovation and economic growth, but a patchwork quilt of compliance complexities are forcing businesses out of the Lone Star State," said Governor Abbott.

My goal as Governor is to remove the barriers of government to encourage competition, and empower consumers to choose. This bill increases economic liberty while still ensuring customer safety, and I thank Representative Chris Paddie for his work on this legislation.

Important safety standards included in HB 100:

  • Drivers must undergo annual criminal background check. 
  • Drivers must provide all necessary information to the consumer before each ride. 
  • Drivers must provide electronic receipts to passengers. 
  • There is a zero-tolerance intoxication standard for drivers will be strictly enforced.

This bill is effective immediately.