Governor Abbott Promotes Education Freedom For All Texans In Denton

March 28, 2023 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Governor Greg Abbott last night joined over 375 parents, students, teachers, and other parent empowerment advocates in support of his mission to expand school choice options for all Texas students at a Parent Empowerment Night in Denton. 

"Freedom is a word that resonates with Texans—it's who we are and what we believe in," said Governor Abbott. "Structuring education for the future has to be focused on one thing: the students. When you combine freedom and focusing on students, education comes down to one, six-word sentence: mom and dad are in charge. Our job is to ensure the rightful position of parents in their child's education is protected and embodied in the state of Texas so we can achieve the best results for our students. We must empower parents to have access to school curriculum, school libraries, and what children are being taught. We must also empower parents to choose the best education option for their child—we will do that this legislative session."

Speaking in a packed gymnasium at Denton Calvary Academy, the Governor detailed his plan to keep public schools fully funded while also expanding state-funded Education Savings Accounts to every Texas student. The Governor noted the success of states that have empowered parents to choose the best education option for their child, pointing out that the quality of public education improved in states with robust school choice programs. The Governor also highlighted that a majority of Texans—urban, suburban, and rural—support protecting a parent’s right to access their child’s school curriculum, school libraries, and classroom materials.

The Governor was joined by Senator Tan Parker, Representative Lynn Stucky, Texas Public Policy Foundation Campaign Director Mandy Drogin, Denton Calvary Academy Head of School Andrea Chevalier, and other parent empowerment advocates. Hosted by the Parent Empowerment Coalition, Parent Empowerment Night brings together education leaders and stakeholders to discuss education reform and the growing need for parental empowerment in their children’s education.

In his 2023 State of the State address, Governor Abbott announced education freedom for Texans as an emergency item for the 88th Legislative Session. Read the Governor’s education freedom for all Texans emergency item.